Well, I promised my listeners (listener?) that I'd be posting my playlists on the net, so here's the one from my second show. I'm next going to be on the air for the next few Wednesdays from noon to 3PM, so tune into 90.1FM in the Stanford area if you'd like to see what I do next. DJ Doom play list from Friday 12/25/92, 3AM to 6PM on KZSU Stanford, 90.1 FM:
Artist                  Title                   Albumn
                        (various cuts)          Sex Lies and 
                                                Videotape Soundtrack
Leonard Cohen           The Future              The Future
Non-Aggression Pact     Done                    Gesticulate
Sade                    Killer Blow             Absolute Beginners sound track
Theme                   Morton Gold             CBS "World War I" sound track
Voice of Eye            
Chevalier               I'm Glad I'm Not        Gigi Soundtrack 
                        Young Anymore
Diamanda Galas          Let Us Praise the       Plague Mass
                        Masters of Slow Death
Sharkbait               Praise God              Blowtorch Face-lift
The Shamen              Boss Drum               Boss Drum
Stravinsky              Le Sacre Du Printemps   
Downtown Science        This is a Visit         This is a Visit
Non-Aggression Pact     Boy                     Gesticulate
Suzanne Vega            Book of Dreams          Men In A War
Billie Holiday          Until the Real Thing    God bless the Child 
                        Comes Along
Mighty Force            Antarctica              Hypnovel
Funky Green Dogs        Reach for Me            Collection: Save the Last  
  From Outer Space                              Trance for Me
Pato Bantan             King Step               Never Give In
Leonard Cohen           Closing Time            The Future
Ravel                   String Quartet in F     
                        4th Movement
Prince                  Rasberry Beret          Around the World in a Day
Ravi Shankar            
Bailey et. al.          cut 2 (untitled)        Improvised Music
Sharkbait               Song for Trees          Blowtorch Face-lift
Youthu Yindi            Djapana Sunrise (cut 5) Djapana 
Reed/Cale               Trouble with            Songs for Drella
Euphoria UK             Mercurial               Coll: Save the Last Trance
                                                For Me
Mary O'Hara             An Crann Ubhall Time    Mary O'Hara's Ireland
Replacements            I Will Dare             Let it Be
Sonic Violence          Catalepsy               Collection: Peaceville
Sharkbait               Arabia Deserta          Blowtorch Face-Lift
Keith Jarret            Spheres, 9th Movement   Hymns Spheres
Sinead O' Conner        I Am Stretched on       Emperor's New Clothes
                        Your Grave (Earthcapella)
Intruder                U Got Me                Coll: Save the Last Trance
Replacements            You're My Favorite      Let it Be
Hanson Brothers         My Girl Friend's A      Gross Misconduct

The playlist for the third DJ Doom show, 12/30/92 Noon-3PM, on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM:
Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Keith Jarret            Spheres 2nd Movement    Hymns Spheres
Phil Ochs               The Crucifixion         Pleasures of the Harbor
Rabih Abou-Khail        Blue Camel              Blue Camel
King Crimson            Matte Kudasai           Discipline
Lou Reed/John Cale      Images                  Songs for Drella
Philip Glass
Phew                    Our Likeness            Our Likeness
The Oogies              City of Light           Feedback is an Act of God
GGFH                    Room 213                Peaceville Vol 4.
Fernand Tarres          Infinite Acceptance     On the Edges of White
Brian Eno               Dunwich Beach           Ambient 4
Leather Strip           Mohawk                  Penetrate
Thinking Fellers        Hive                    Mother of All Saints
Jesus Jones             The Devil You Know      The Devil You Know
Havering                Chutiappa               Hebephrenia
Leonard Cohen           Democracy               The Future
David Bowie             We Are Hungry Men       David Bowie (1967)
Zircus                  My Astoria              Cultivation '92
FM                      Vagina Doloris          Angelus
Charles Ives            Three Places in New     World of Charles Ives
                        England -- 
                        The Housatonic at 
Renzetti & Luisi        Overture/Pinball        Electric Tommy
Billie Holiday          Loveless Love           God Bless the Child
Jim Carrol              Nothing is True         Catholic Boy
Copland                 Morning on the Ranch    The Red Pony
Voice of Eye            Deep BE Vox             Mariner Soniq
Stereolab               Super Falling Star      Volume 4
Mighty Force            Phase Nation            Hypnovel
Ultramarine             Saratoga                Volume 4
Voice of Eye            Strange Attractor       Mariner Soniq
June Tabor              Sudden Waves            Angel Tiger
Dead Milkmen            Silly Dreams            If I had...

It was weird being on the air during the day.  People were
actually listening: the first few songs I played had people
calling in asking me what they were (one woman was
transfixed by Phil Ochs "The Crucifixtion").  

All in all I think it was an excessively mellow mix though.  
I think next time I'll work on transitions between hard
and soft things...  

My next show is Wednesday, January 6th at noon.  After that,
who knows.  

Here's the playlist for the fourth "Industrial Strength Blend" show from "The Voice of Doom", aired on 1/6/93 from Noon to 3PM on KZSU Stanford (90.1 FM).
Leonard Cohen           Tacoma Trailer                  The Future
Grotus                  Pharmaceutical                  From The Machine
Lou Reed                The Day John Kennedy Died       The Blue Mask
Phil Ochs               Miranda                         Pleasures of the Harbor
Cliff Martinez          Looks Like A Tablecloth         Sex, Lies, and 
Leather Strip           Body Machine Body               Penetrate...
The Gits                Second Skin                     Frenching The Bully
David Bowie             Silly Boy Blue                  David Bowie (1967)
Cole Porter/            I Am the Captain                Broadway Melody of 1940
Fred Astaire
God's Girlfriend        California Dreaming             Ritual Suicide
                                                        Necrophiliac Blues
Pat Smear               Innocent X                      So You Fell In Love
                                                        A Musician
Utah Saints             Something Good                  Only for the Headstrong
Throbbing Gristle       Industrial Introduction         Second Annual Report
Weasels                 jocular evil jam                The Best of the SJSU
                                                        Physics Dept.
Steroid Maximus         Volgarity                       Volume 4
Smear                   The Next Time                   The Next Time
FM                      Vagina Doloris                  Angelius
Thinking Fellers        Catcher                         Mother of all Saints
Union Local 282
Skinny Puppy            (the fourth cut)                Back & Forth 
Havering                Today's Pig                     So This Is Life?
Leonard Cohen           Improvisation                   Live Songs
Jim Carrol              The City Drops Into the Night   Catholic Boy
Jim Carrol              Crow                            Catholic Boy
Phew                    Glitter of Night                Our Likeness
Philip Glass            Facades                         Glassworks
Bach                    Prelude & Fuge in E             Well-Tempered Clavier
Voice of Eye            Descending a Stare              Mariner Soniq
Sinead O'Conner         Jackie                          The Lion & The Cobra
Fernando Tarres         Markari                         On the Edges of White
Ravi Shankar            Raga Bairaga                    Ravi Shankar in NY
GBH                     Evil Evar                       Church of the Truly
Khaled                  El Arbi                         Khaled
The Shamen              Phorever People                 Boss Drum
Hafler Trio             A Loud Egg                      A Thirsty Fish
Leonard Cohen           Closing Time                    The Future
Bedlam Rovers           Emily                           Wallow
ST 37                   Ruins Run Deep                  The Invisible College
Monochrome Set          Avanti (10 Don'ts for           Volume, Contrast, 
                        Honeymooners)                   Brillance
Patti Smith             Radio Ethiopia                  Radio Ethiopia
Voice of Eye            Deep BE Vox                     
Shostakovich            Symphony 47 No. 5 Opus 47       
Intelligent Hoodlum     Intelligent Hoodlum             Intelligent Hoodlum
Lustmord                Comahon Q.Q. Comahon            Paradise Disowned
Lush                    Superblast!                     Spooky
Renzetti/Luisi/         Overture/Pinball Wizard         Electric 
Townsend                                                Tommy
Neon Judgement          To The Bone                     1313
Was (Not Was)           Out Come the Freaks             Tell Me I'm Dreaming
Shinehead               Let Them In                     Sidewalk University
Loudin Wainwright III   I Know I'm Unhappy/             Album II
                        Suicide Song
Well that was it for the Interim Programming here at KZSU. Who knows when I'll be on the air next... unless in a fit of insanity I decide to grab the last remaining unused slice of Interim time, which would be from 3AM to 6AM on Thursday night (technically, Friday morning).
The Voice of Doom play list, from 1/8/93 0300-0600.
Keith Jarret					Hymns-Spheres
Lou Reed		The Bells		The Bells
Mighty Force		Krispy Krunchy		Hypnovel
Sugarcubes		Walkabout		Stick Around for Joy
Charles Ives		3 Places in New Eng.	The Houskatonic
Voice of Eye		Deja Hier		Mariner Soniq	
Jesus Jones		Blissed			Doubt
Monkees			I Wanna Be Free		Meet the Monkees
Thinking Fellers	Pleasure Circle		Mother of All Saints
Art of Noise		Moment in Love
Egyptian Empire		The Horn Track		Only for the Headstrong
Suicide			Rocket USA		Max's Kanasa City 
Eagles			Lyin' Eyes		Their Greatest Hits
Thinking Fellers	Pleasure Circle		Mother of All Saints
William Kraft		Contextures		Lincoln's Portrait
Yothu Yindi		Djapana Sunrise		Djapana
Shakdown Productions	Alhambra		Twitch Volume 8
Chia Pet		Blind Date		Chia Pet
Lush			Stray			Spooky
Mighty Force		Love Will Eat You	Hypnovel
Leonard Cohen		Who By Fire		New Skin for the Old Ceremony
Jim Carrol		Day and Night		Catholic Boy
Sugar Cubes		Lucky Night		Stick Around for Joy
Sharkbait		Break a Bone		Feed My Frenzy
The Scientists		Nitro			Weird Love
Pat Smear		Holy Bulsara		So You Fell In Love With 
						a Musician
Clash			Mensforth Hill		Sandinista
Non-Aggression 		Done			Gesticulate
Shaft			Monkey			Only For The Headstrong
Supereal		One Nation		Twitch Volume 8
SPK			Garden of Earthly 	Gold & Posion
Stereolab		Changer			Switched on Stereolab

That Eagles cut up there was a request. It wasn't my fault, honest. I figure anyone who calls in at 4AM deserves what they ask for. Though I did mix in some Thinking Fellers on top of it... (Art of Noise was a request, too, but that was a good idea).