Well, amazingly enough I've got a regular time slot now, on KZSU, 90.1FM: Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM. Here's the playlist from the first regular edition of the Industrial Strength Blend:

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Jeanne Lee & Wadada     Beauty is a Rarity      A Confederacy of Dances
  Leo Smith
Sharkbait               Arabia Deserta          Blow Torch Face-lift
Jonathan Richman        Vincent Van Goh         Rockin' & Romance
Stavinsky               Le Sacre du Printempts  8 Orchestral Miniatures
Meat Beat Manifesto     Drop                    Satyricon
Eno/Cale                Crime in the Desert     Wrong Way Up 
Isililo Saba Mama       Amadoda Ahlangene       Jive Soweto
The Gits                Absynthe                Frenching the Bully
Contagion               We Believe              Contaminant PCB
Melanie                 The Living Bell         Gather Me
Leonard Cohen           The Future              The Future
Downtown Science        Radioactive             Radioactive
The Shamen              Scientas                Boss Drum
The Toasters            Too Hip to be Cool      New York Fever
Tom Waits               Underground             Swordfishtrombones
Model 500               The Passage             Only for the Headstrong
Sharkbait               After World             Feed My Frenzy
Eye Hate God            Hit a Girl              In the Name of Suffering
Lush                    Starlush                Superblast!
Englishbeat             Twist & Crawl           I Just Can't Stop It
Brian Eno               Lizard Point            Ambient 4
Rats of Unusual Size    Sigmund Freud           Id, Ego, Superego & Burns Ltd.
Jonathan Richman        I Was Dancing in the    I, Jonathan
                        Lesbian Bar
Guy Klucevsek           Sylan Steps             A Confederacy of Dances
Richard Hell            Love Comes in Spurts    Blank Generation
Jim Carrol              It's Too Late           Catholic Boy
Phil Ochs               My Life                 Rehersals for Retirement
Charles Ives            Fourth Movement         Symphony No. 2
John Zorn               Sebastopol              A Confederacy of Dances
Renzetti/Lusisi         Overture                Electric Tommy
Meat Beat Manifesto     Mindstreams             Satyricon
Contagion               Scratch                 Contaminant PCB 
Opus 3                  I Talk to the Wind      Mind Fruit
Intruder                U Got Me                Save the Last Trance
Future Sound            Lady/What's a Bro       
                        to do
Smear                   Climbing                Couldn't Help
Clash                   The Call Up             Sandinista
Morton Gould            Battle Music (A side)   WWI 
Patti Smith             Till Victory            Easter