Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 4/11/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together. And a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Illusion of Safety	Historical Part II	Historical
Sharkbait		Praise God		Blowtorch Face-Lift
Ether 			Naked to the Law	TV, Church and Bars
Leonard Cohen		Anthem			The Future
BED: Illusion of Safety Historical Part II	Historical
Cop Shoot Cop		Room 429		Ask Questions Later
Die Warzau		Coming Down		Big Electric Metal 
						  Bass Face
The Shamen 		Boss Drum		Boss Drum single
BED: Paris		Anasta's Song (inst.)	12" single		
BED: Borah Bergman	The Human Factor 	The Human Factor
Barry & Holly Tashian	The Diamond		Ready for Love
Eno/Cale		Been There Done That	Wrong Way Up
BED: Two Shiney Heads	Dug House Disco		Guerilla Singles #93
Cop Shoot Cop		All the Clocks are 	Ask Questions Later
808 State		Timebomb		Gorgeous
Worlds Collide		Jam Karet ("Time is	Everything is Changing 
			   Rubber")		   in the Global Village
BED: Glen Miller & 	In the Mood		This is the Big Band Era
   His Orchestra
Tear Garden		The Centre Bullet	12" EP
Mussolini Headkick	Homeland		Blood on the Flag
Leonard Cohen		There is a War		
BED: Rova (saxaphone	What's the Frequency,	From the Bureau of Both
   quartet)		  Kenneth?
Cone of Silence		Subway Culture		Cone of Silence
Ethyl Meatplow		Abazab			Happy Days Sweetheart
Phew 			Our Likeness		Our Likeness
BED: Fini Tribe		Forever Green		Twitch Vol. 9
Coil (a request)	Truth Comes From 	The Snow EP
Groove Garden		You're Not Coming Home	12" single
Blondie (a request)	Accidents Never Happen	Eat to the Beat
BED: Ultraviolet 	Trip Hardcore		Twitch Volume 9

The 2AM 45 minute set on the theme: Music of Dreams

Drome			Dreams			Drome
Thrill Kill Kult	Dream Baby		12"
Was (Not Was)		Tell Me That I'm 	12"
Mindslam		Whenever I Dream I 	7"
			  Die Again
Mingus			Weird Nightmare		Mingus Revisited
Lustmord		Dreams of Dead Names	Paradise Disowned
Peter Murphy		Dream Gone By		Holy Smoke
{Harry Partch		The Dreamer That 	Music of John Cage and
			   Remains		  Harry Partch
Fugs			Children of the Dream	The Belle of Avenue A
Dorsey/Sinatra		Street of Dreams	Dorsey Sinatra Sessions v.III
Sheila Chandra		Nana/The Dreaming	Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Ether 			Walk Away		TV, Church & Bars
Sun Ra			I Dream Too Much	Reflections in Blue
Robert Palmer		Woke Up Laughing	Clues

BED: Rova		Floater			From the Bureau of Both
Figures on a Beach	Feels Like Glass	Swimming
   (a request)

Funny thing: a question came up around here recently "Is it
possible to ruin an entire show by playing one wrong song?"
I'm afraid this show is a good example.  I think I was doing a
good job right up until I played that Peter Murphy cut.  Ugh.

Anyway, tune in next Saturday and see if I do a better job with
the theme "Music for Neil Gaiman fans".  The 45 minute set is
going to be severely retro, packed with ossified oldies (way
passed merely "moldy").  

And on 4/24/93, I think the theme will be "Control".