Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 4/18/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together. And a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Outer Mind         I Still Want Ya'        12"
                        (mind mix)
Einsteurzende           12305th Night           Tabula Rasa
Grotus                  Rust                    Brown
Sharkbait               Feel Steel              Crushits
BED: Aphex Twin         cut A(2)                Universal Indicatior II
Paris                   Coffee, Doughnuts       12": Anasta's Song
                        & Death
Ether                   Naked to the Law        TV, Church & Bars
Cop Shoot Cop           Room 429                Ask Questions Later
BED: Philip Glass       Warszawa                Low Symphony
Miranda Sex Garden      in heaven               suspira
Robyn Hichcock & the    When I Was Dead         Respect
Siddal                  Angel Wars              7": Frozen Garden
BED: David Bowie        Warszawa                Low
Illusion of Safety      Apparent Crossing       Historical
Cop Shoot Cop           Israeli Dig             Ask Questions Later
Mouth Music             Chi Mi Na Morbheauna    Collection: Worlds Collide
BED: Randall            Mudgett: Monologues of  Collection: Computer Music
                        a Mass Murderer
Paganni/Emanuel Vardi   Cut A(3)                24 Caprices
King Crimson            Discipline              Discipline
BED: Brian Eno          Tal Coat                Ambient 4
Bad Religion            A City of the Dead      Against the Grain
Grotus                  Edward Abbey            Brown
Bad Religion            21st Century Digital    Against the Grain
The Modern Lovers       Roadrunner              The Modern Lovers
BED: The Orb            Blue Room               Collection: Twitch Volume 9
Bow Wow Wow             Do You Wanna Hold Me    When the Going Gets Tough
Gil Scott-Heron         The Revolution Will     Best of Gil Scott-Heron
                        Not Be Televised
Richard O'Brien         Superheroes             Rocky Horror Picture 
                                                Show Soundtrack
BED: Bach               2nd Movement, Concerto  Flute Concertos by Bach
                        in A Minor              & Telemann
Xtal                    Dogma Suit              Reason is 6/7 of Treason
Tears for Fears         Ideas as Opiates        The Hurting
Phil Ochs               Miranda                 Pleasures of the Harbor
BED: William Breuker    Vooruit dan mar         Heibel
   Killektief           "We're off"
The Entropics           Comic Book Heroes       SPAGGA!
Nuclear Vladez          Dream Another Dream     Dream Another Dream
David Bowie             Oh you Pretty Things    Hunky Dory
BED: Schnitt Acht       dream world             12": Grouch

The 2AM 45 Minute Set (on the theme: Music for Neil Gaiman Fans): 

Teresa Brewer           Dream a Little Dream    Midnight Cafe
                        of Me
Chordettes              Mr. Sandman             The Best of the Chordettes
Roy Orbison             In Dreams               In Dreams: The Greatest Hits
                                                of Roy Orbison
Nancy Sinatra           Oh! You Beautiful Doll  Sugar
Rick Nelson             Dream Lover             Memphis Sessions A
{Frankie Goes to        Power of Love           Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Patsy Cline             Sweet Dreams            Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits
Eurythmics              Sweet Dreams            Sweet Dreams
Groucho Marx            Lydia the Tattooed      An Evening with Groucho
Roslyn Burroughs        If I Were a Bell        Love is Here
Kate Bush               The Dreaming            The Whole Story
Timbuk 3                Standard White Jesus    Edge of Allegiance
Nancy Sinatra           These Boots Are Made    Boots
                        for Walkin'
Velvet Underground      Venus in Furs           the Bannanna record
Tori Amos               Tear in Your Hand       Little Earthquakes

808 State               Black Morpheus          Gorgeous
Mingus                  Weird Nightmare         Mingus Revisited
Emmy Lou Harris         Mr. Sandman             Profile II
Frontline Assembly      Teardown

Not a bad show, I suppose, though I don't think I want to
use this kind of structure very often: the first hour was
all new music, the second hour was music in the 60s to 80s
range, and the last hour was dominated by pre-60s style
music.  This was because the last hour was "Music for Neil 
Gaiman Fans": songs that Neil Gaiman has used little pieces
of in the comic book The Sandman.