Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 4/25/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together. And a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: The Orb		Blue Room (UVC Mix)	Twitch Volume 9
P Children		Social Life		Documentation '87-'92
XTAL			Easily Impressed	Everything Crash
Melanie			Oh My Soul		From the Beginning
BED: Spivakov/	 	It Ain't Necessarily    It Ain't Necessarily 
   Gerschwin		So			So
House of Pain		Who's the Man		It's Working
{Tsinandali Choir	Chakrulo		Table Songs of Georgia
Aphex Twin		cut A 2			Universal Indicator II
Kronos Quartet		cut 9			Short Stories   
Robyn Hitchcock 	The Moon Inside		Respect
  & the Egyptians
BED: Brian Eno		Lantern Marsh		Ambient 4

Clock DVA		Velvet Realm		Buried Dreams
Chris and Cosey		Deep Velvet		Trust
Legendary Pink Dots	Crushed Velvet		Maria Dimension
BED: Houston Person	Blue Velvet		The Party
Eleventh Dream Day	The Raft		El Moodio
Corporation of One 	City Under Siege	Smokin Hip House compilation
  with Mystique
Gil Scott-Heron		Lady Day & John 	Revolution Will Not be 
			Coltrane		Televised
BED: John Coltrane	Expression		Expression
Billie Holiday		Don't Explain		Greatest Hits V. 2
Level 42		World Machine		World Machine
808 State		Moses			Gorgeous
BED: Johnny Nobel	Hula Blues		Slack Sax
Cone of Silence		Subway Culture		Cone of Silence
Tackhead		Mind & Movement		Freindly as a Hand Grenade
Ethyl Meatplow		Mustard Requiem		Happy Days Sweetheart
BED: Jessita Reyes 	Shamen's Magic		Deer Dancer
   & Grupo Yaqui
Replacements		Answering Machine	Let it Be
L7			Deathwish		Volume 5
Loudin Wainwright	I Know I'm Unhappy/	Album II
			Suicide Song/Glenville
BED: Coco Steel & 	You Can't Stop the 	Twitch Volume 9
   Love Bomb		Groove

2AM 45 Minute Set, on the theme of: Control.

Cassandra Complex	Power			Grenade
Maschinehaus		You Are the Dead	Terra Vox
Biohazard PCB		Ingest			Twitch Volume 4
Mussolini Headkick	Naked & Bleeding	Blood on the Flag
Industrial Artz		Power Trip		12"
Leonard Cohen		Master Song		Songs of Leonard Cohen
Die Warzaw		The Land of the Free	Disco Rigido
Illusion of Safety	Third Rail		Historical
{Manufacture		Control Yourself	Voice of World Control
Janet Jackson		Control (acapella)	12"
Aphex Twin		cut B 4			Universal Indicator II
Ani Difranco		names & dates & times	

BED: Illusion of 	
Paris			Guerillas in the Mist	Anasta's Song
Broken English Klik	Who's the Gangsta	12"
Dizzy Gillespie		Couldn't Beat the Rap	Dee Gee Days
BED: Ultraviolet 	Trip Hardcore		Twitch Volume 9
Paul Kanter/Jefferson	Have You Seen the 	Blows Against the Empire
   Starship		Stars Tonight?
D'Cuckoo		Distant Worlds		D'Cuckoo
Sun Ra 			Strange Celestial	Strange Celestial Road

I guess I'll call that the end of the playlist... that night
I kept gong for an extra three hours, playing lots of awful
requests (and a few good ones) and making lots of incoherent
noise by playing multiple things on top of each other.  I
also had some fun playing the power drill live on the air,
but that's another story. 

Tune in next Saturday, May 1st, when the 45 minute set will
be on the theme of "Industrial Lust".