Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 5/1/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together. And a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Cyberaktif		Nothing Stays		Tenebrae Vision
{Necrophilia		Agnoie Reelie		Terra Vox (compilation)
George Harrison		All Things Must Pass	All Things Must Pass
The Gits 		It All Dies Anyway	Frenching the Bully
BED:Paris		Anasta's Song (instr.)	12"
Engorged With Blod	Springtime		CART
Nurse With Wound	Beetle Crawls Across 	50 Years of Sunshine
			My Back
Phong Lan		Cung dan dat nuoc	Music from Vietnam (collection)
BED: J.K.Randall	Quartersines		Computer Music
Tom Verlaine		The Scientist Writes 	Flashlight
			a Letter
Dog Faced Hermans	Jan 9			Hum of Life
Incredible String Band	The Juggler's SOng	'U'
BED: Bach		Prelude & Fugue in E	The Well-Tempered Clavier
Miranda Sex Garden	inferno			Suspira
Soulstorm		Endless Human Failure	Darkness Visible
Siddal			Frozen Gardens		7"
BED: Keith Jarret	Spheres, 3rd Movement	Hymns-Spheres
Cop Shoot Cop		Everybody Loves You	Ask Questions Later
Chorus of Frati Minori	Mass XV 		Gregorian Masses
  of Busto Arsizio	'Dominator Deus'
P Children		Slow Blue Bite		Documentation '87-92
BED: John Coltrane	Expression		Expression
Patti Smith		Land			Horses
Wanda Coleman		Paen to Dark Bars	Beserk on Hollywood Blvd.
Clock DVA		Black Angel's Death 	12": Breakdown
BED: Stone Glass Steel	Dark Evolving Eye	Industrial Meditations
Tinfed			Dominion		7"
Fatala			Timini			Gongoma Times
Willem Breuker 		Bathtree Part 2		Heibel

The 45 minute set on the theme of Industrial Lust:

BED: Hafler Trio	Cut 1			Fuck
Neon Judgement	  	STLG			Horny as Hell
Clock DVA       	Sonology of Sex		Sound Mirror
Pigface			Hips, Tits, Lips, 	Fook
Sleeping Dogs Wake	Harder!			Therenody
KMFDM			Sex on the Flag		Money
Thrill Kill Kult	A Continental Touch	Sexplosion!
Master/Slave   	 	My Pleasure Should	Being Led Around By
   Relationship					the Tounge
Die Warzaw		Sexus			Disco Rigido
Severed Heads		Estrogen		Cuisine
Sleep Chamber		Synthetic Woman
SPK			Flesh & Steel		Machine Age Voodoo

BED: Hafler Trio	Cut 2			Fuck
Skinny Puppy		Lust Chance		Last Rights
Master/Slave   		Hexus Sexus		Being Led Around By
   Relationship					the Tounge
Shriekback		sex think one		7" single