Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 5/16/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

A sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". I indicate things mixed together (played simultaneously) with curly brackets.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Fini Tribe         Forever Green           Twitch V. 9
Aurora                  Ritual                  The Land of Harm & Appletrees
Sky Cries Mary          2000 Light Years        A Return to the Inner
Controlled Bleeding     After the Rain          50 Years of Sunshine
BED: Fini Tribe         Forever Green           Twitch V. 9
Billie Holiday          Sun Showers             Billie Holliday Story V.II
Patti Smith             Dream of Life           Dream of Life
Switchblade Symphony    Rain                    Fable
BED: Bach               Prelude & Fugue in      Well Tempered Clavier
                        C Sharp Major
Aurora                  The Dream               The Land of Harm & Appletrees
Sun Ra                  Solar Drums             Cosmic Tones
Baaba Maal              Toro                    Lam Toro
BED: Bongo Massive      Pascal's Dance          Twitch V. 9
Zoviet France           East Taunts West        Loh Land
Trance                  Live at the Heinz Club  Guitar Noise (7")
Hypnolovewheel          Kerosene Kiss           Altered State
BED: Muslimgauze        Song El Gharb Pt 2      Uzi
Red House Painters      Japanese to English     Down Colorful Hill
Sky Cries Mary          Rain                    A Return to the Inner
Dog Faced Hermans       Madame La Mer           Hum of Life
BED: Red House Painters Lord Kill the Pain      Down Colorful Hill
Pain Teens              Ituri                   Love & Napalm (Collection)
{Jack Kerouac           American Haikus         Blues & Haikus
Ellery Eskelin          It Doesn't Wait         Figure of Speech
Beatnik Beach           Beatnik Beach           Beatnik Beach
J.K.Randall             Mudgett: Monologs of    Computer Music (Collection)
                        a Mass Murderer
Clock DVA               Connection Machine      12": The Hacker
P Children              Transmitted             Documentation '87-'92
Cysex                   Pornotranz              Technotic Effect (Collection)
BED: {Muslimgauze                               Uzi
Kansas City Standard    Atari 800 Software      (cassette)
Code Industry           Failure to Suceed       Method of Assembly

The 2AM 45 Minute "Television Set":

{Negrosex               Space Balls             Coll: Technotic Effect
Front 242               Television Station      Official Version 1986-1987
Joe Raposo              Electric Company Theme  Electric Company (soundtrack)
Ned's Atomic Dustbin    Kill Your Television    Godfodder
Vic Mizzy               The Addams Family Theme Adams Family, the movie
Peace Love & Pitbulls   Be My TV                Peace Love & Pitbulls
The Simpsons            Do the Bart Man         12"
Cassandra Complex       Praire Bitch            Grenade
Firesign Theater        "Oh, Blinding Light"    Don't Crush That Dwarf,
                                                Hand Me the Pliers
Havering                Trust                   So This is Life?
Jam                     Batman                  In the City
Grotus                  New York Strip          Brown
Grotus                  The Same Old Sauce      Slow Motion Apocalypse
Grotus                  Edward Abbey            Brown
Beatnigs                Television              Beatnigs
EBN (Emergency          Behavior Modification/  Behavior Modification/
   Broadcast Network)   We Will Rock You        We Will Rock You
Lava Love               Television Kiss         Aphrodisia
Monks of Doom           Virtual Lover           Forgery
Weatherman              Virtual Reality         Global 851
Negrosex                Space Balls             Technotic Effect

BED: Prince Jammy       Interface               Computerized Dub
Reed/Cale               Images                  Songs for Drella
Joanathan Richman       Vincent Van Goh         I, Jonathan
Single Gun Theory       I Am What I See         Nettwerk Sounds V. 4

This was a tough one, all right, and I thought'd be easy.
Music about television?  I had a half dozen songs on hand
about how evil TV is, and I was sure I could find dozens
more without thinking about it.  But then I started feeling
guilty about it being too easy... isn't it kind of trite
and obvious, attacking TV?  Has anyone ever defended TV?
Not that I could find.  But on the other hand, people use
TV samples all the time, in particular that awful techno
cut by Negrosex that I stole the Star Trek samples from
above ("Now in standard orbit, Sir.") and the reason for
that, in part, is the glow of fond nostalgia that hovers
around such things...  So I decided to alternate anti-TV
music with short television theme songs.  And at the end I
veered right into VR, because where else is TV going...

(And the first two hours of the show?  What is going on in
my head?  What do all these obsessions of mine add up to?
Dreams, Rain, Oceans... I couldn't come up with a common
factor.  So I put it all together in a way that sounds
okay, maybe, but I like to have a more definite idea of
what I'm doing...) 

Anyway, next weeks 2AM 45 minute theme will be... let's
say, "Music for Socialists".