Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 5/22/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

A sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". I indicate things mixed together (played simultaneously) with curly brackets.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: ZGA                Mnemonia                End of An Epic
Gabrielle Roth &        Raven                   Bones
   the Mirrors
Ultraviolet             The Trip (Down the      the NEW 12"
   Catastrophe          Rabbitt Hole Mix)
Club Nouveau            Under A Nouveau Groove  Under A Nouveau Groove
BED: Duran Duran        Tiger Tiger             Seven and the Ragged Tiger
P Children              Slow Blue Bite          Documentation '87-'92
Sun Ra                  Thither and Yon         Cosmic Tones
Nguyen this Tac Ta      Em la con gai Bac Ninh  Music from Viet Nam 
   thi Hinh                                     (compilation)
BED: Bach               12 Little Preludes      Igor Kipnis Bach on Harpsicord
                                                and Clavicord
Jack Kerouac/           The Wheel of the        Poetry for the Beat Generation
   Steve Allen          Quivering Meat 
Mandible Chatter        Three Days of Grey      Drinking Out the Hourglass
Deanta                  King of the Blues       Deanta
BED: Sze-Chak           Water Lily              11 Centuries of Chinese 
                                                Classical Music
Psychic TV              Horror House            Towards the Infinite Beat 
Haydn/Tom               Allegretto/             Piano Sonatas
  Constanten            Finale: Presto
Fatala                  Boke' (N' Yaraloum-Ma)  Gongoma Times
BED: Tsinandali Choir   Chakrulo                Table Songs of Georgia
Switchblade Symphony    Chain                   Fable
Single Gun Theory       Open Grave              Exorcise this Wasteland
Diamanda Galas          See That My Grave is    The Singer
                        Kept Clear
BED: Sze-Chak           Water Lily              11 Centuries of Chinese (etc.)
Skinny Puppy            Monster Radio Man       Back & Forth
Heavans to Betsy        Monsters                These Monsters are Real (7")
Data Bank A             We Have No Names        Salad Days
BED: ZGA                God's Plant             End of An Epic
Front Line Assembly     Remorse                 Tactical Neural Implant
Voivod                  Freedom                 Angel Rat
Bongwater               The Real Thing          The Big Sell Out
BED: M. Norman          Opening Titles          James Bond: Ten Year Aniversery
Grotus                  Malthusela              Brown 
David Bowie             The Supermen            The Man Who Sold the Wolrd
Negativland             I Am God                Free

The 2AM 45 Minute Set on the theme: Music for Socialists

Consolidated            Labor & Leisure         Play More Music
Black 47                James Connoly           Black 47
Clash                   Spanish Bombs           London Calling
Soviet Army Chorus &    Song of the Machine     Songs of the Revolution
   Band                 Gun
Adrian Belew            Pretty Pink Rose        Young Lions
Battlefield Band        I Am the Common Man     Feed the Folk (compilation)
Midnight Oil            River Runs Red          Blue Sky Mining
Bad Religion            Misery & Famine         Against the Grain
Ani Difranco            Not So Soft             Not So Soft
Billy Bragg             The World Turned        Feed the Folk (compilation)
                        Upside Down
Gang of Gour            Capital (it fails us    A Brief History of the 
                        now)                    20th Century
Stiff Little Finger     Silver Lining           Live & Loud!
Sweat Engine            Need Some               Below San Onofre 
Xtal                    Black Russian           Everything Crash

BED: Ashwin Batish                              Star Power Album #1 -
                                                Fusion of Rock & Indian Music
Code Industry           Failure to Succeed      Method of Assembly
Manufacture             My Destiny              Voice of World Control
Eno/Cale                Been There Done That    Wrong Way Up

Next week is "Album Week" at KZSU, so if you tune in to my show
you'll get to hear three complete albums:

Grotus			Slow Motion Apocalypse
  Latest effort from the San Francisco industrial band.  A great
  record, and with luck we'll have a Joe Radio interview with the band. 
Cop Shoot Cop		Ask Questions Later
  Increasingly imppressive music from the Band With Two Bass's...
  Many cuts have an industrial feel, some are more metal, some
  are more gothic.  Check out "Room 429" for an example of what
  pop music would be like in a sane world. 
Sleeping Dogs Wake	Threnody
  Late 80's industrial-gothic work: simply an amazing job. 

And don't neglect the rest of the album week shows, either.  I
know DJ Trauma is going to be playing the new CD from Aurora as
well as the incredibly rare Switchblade Symphony CD (he's on
before me, at 9PM on Saturday), and I know Rancid is planning to
do the metal/industrial sounds of Soulstorm (Friday afternoon at
3PM).  Eventually the whole schedule will be posted on,
and I'll probably do a more detailed announcement about the
industrial stuff on