Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 6/7/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM, though on this night I did a special extended version, going to six in the morning.

A sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". I indicate things mixed together (played simultaneously) with curly brackets.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Muslimgauze	Green is the Color 	
			of the Prophet
Grotus			Medicine		Slow Motion Apocalypse
Seemen			I am the Earth		Seemen
Ken Thorne		A Day in the Life	The Magic Christian
BED: Muslimgauze
Radioactive Goldfish	LSD is the Bomb		Twitch Vol 4 compilation
Meat Beat Manifesto	Helter Skelter		12"
Sheep on Drugs		Acid Test		Greatest Hits
BED: 68000		Disillusion		50 Years of Sunshine (comp)
Cone of Silence		Subway Culture		Cone of Silence EP
Subhumans		Big Picture		Incorrect Thoughts
Death in Arcadia	Turn as a Unit		House of Gabar
BED: Cone of Silence	Cone of Silence		Cone of Silence EP
Patti Smith		Seven Ways of Going	Cash Cow (coll.)
Mussolini Headkick	Empire			Blood on the Flag
Supereal		One Nation		Dub House Disco II (comp)
BED: Satellite IV	In a Sugarcube		50 Years of Sunshine (comp)
P Children		Truth Withheld		Documentation '87-'92
Illusion of Safety	Rendering		Historical
Dog Faced Hermans	Love is the Heart of 	Hum of Life
Bodacious		Second Hand Information	Bodacious
BED: {Rova		Cage-for John Cage	From the Bureau of Both
      John Cage					Sonatas and Interludes for the 
}						Prepared Piano
Tom Wassinger & Jim 	Barrenjoey Line Dance	Track to Bumbliwa
National Razor		Downtrodden		Stem of Thorns
Greetje Bijma		Turn			Tales of a Voice
BED: John Cage					Sonatas and Interludes for the 
Gabrielle Roth and 	Snake			Bones
  the Mirrors
Sue Ann Harkey		In This Year of the 	Aerial #2 collection
Robin Hitchcock & 	Serpent at the Gates 	Respect
   the Egyptians	of Wisdom
BED: Neon Judgement	To the Bone		12"

2AM 45 Minute Uninterrupted Set, on the theme "New Favorites": 

Cop Shoot Cop		Room 429		Ask Questions Later
Clock DVA		Technogeist		Man-Amplified
Single Gun Theory	I Am What I See		Nettwerk Sounds v4: Possessed
Sheila Chandra		Ever So Lonely/Eyes/	Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Paris			Days of Old		Sleeping With the Enemy
Ethyl Meatplow		Queenie			Happy Days Sweetheart
Cop Shoot Cop		Everybody Loves You	Ask Questions Later
Diamanda Galas		Let Us Praise the 	Plague Mass
			Masters of Slow Death
The Gits		Second Skin		Frenching the Bully
Ether 			Naked to the Law	TV, Church & Bars
Leonard Cohen		Closing Time		The Future

BED: Mighty Force	3rd World Drummer 	Hypnovel
Voice of Eye		Deja Hier		Mariner Soniq
Mynox Layh		Fluctoni		respectus
Mighty Force		Love Will Eat You	Hypnovel
BED: Ellery Eskelin	Figures of Speech	Figure of Speech
Keith Jarret 		Spheres			Hymns-Spheres

Analog Echo Experiment 1: 

{A roughly 20 minute long experiment where I playing a tape me
chanting the William Gibson quote "Let the machine into your heart."
(using various different types of echos), while improvising live on
tire chains, plastic bottles, and power drill.  I was also playing a
data cassette for an Atari 800 (the sounds of good old Kansa City
Standard), and skipping one of the CD players playing little pieces
of the above mentioned:

Ellery Eskelin	Figures of Speech	Figure of Speech

All mixed on top of: 
Brian Eno		Discrete Music		Discrete Music
Aphex Twin 		Side 1			Universal Indicator II
BED: Keith Jarret	Spheres			Hymns-Spheres
Baaba Maal		Yela			Lam Toro
rSky Cries Mary		The Ocean Which 	A Return to the Inner 
			Humanity Is		Experience
Sun Ra 			The Outer Heavans	Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
BED: Mandible Chatter	Drinking Out the 	instigate...acquiese
Ani Difranco		Names & Dates & Times	Puddle Dive
Dog Faced Hermans	How We Connect		Hum of Life
Fairport Convention	Walk Awhile		Best of the Fairport Convention
BED: Drum Club		Alchemy	(phasers on 	Dub House Disco II (comp)
			stun mix)
Death in June		cut 5			The Corn Years		
White Stains		Let it Be Thus		50 Years of Sunshine (comp)
Guru (with Roy Ayers)	Take a Look 		Jazzmatazz
			(at Yourself)
BED: ?
Celia + -		Seventh Wave		Manifestation V. IV (comp)
Severed Heads 		Seven of Oceans		Cuisine
Patti Smith		7 Ways of Going		Wave
BED: Miles Davis	Seven Steps to Heavan	Seven Steps to Heavan
Fire in the Kitchen	Seventh Wonder		Soluble Fish (comp)
Sixth Comm		Birth of the Seven 	Morthogenisis
			(beat mix)
Seven Seconds		Seven Years 		Ourselves
BED: The Space Negroes	The Eighth Sea		Dig Archeology 1980-1990
Movement Ex		I Deal With Mathematics 12": Freedom got a Shotgun
Suzi Katz		Numbers			Suzi Katz
Tom Johnson 		Abundant Numbers	Music for 88
BED: Beatles		Revolution Nine		White Album
O.R.Ghazala		No Control Numbers	Objekt 5 (comp.)
Leonard Cohen		You Know Who I Am	Songs From a Room
808 State		One in Ten		Gorgeous
BED: Synergy		An End to History	Audio
Katyna Ranieri		Cassanova		Felini's Movie Songs
Einstuerzende 		3 Thoughts		Interim
Billie Holiday		I've Got a Date  	Billy Holiday Story VIII
			with a Dream