Here's the playlist (as promised on the air) from the Industrial Strength Blend. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, 1/17/93) from midnight to 3AM.

Have any ideas for me? I take email requests.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Patti Smith		Radio Ethiopia		Radio Ethiopia
Fifth Column		Donna			Donna (7")
The Fugs		When the Mode of the 	It Crawled into my Hand, 
			Music Changes	    	Honest
Orbestra		Rooth			Trans-Danubia
Keith Jarret		Spheres, 8th movement	Hymns-Spheres
The Weasels		The Measurement of 	The Weasels (tape)
Type O Negative		gravitational constant	slow deep & hard
			cm-3 gm-1 sec-2
Rats of Unussual Size	Math Brain		Id, Ego, Superego & Burns Ltd.
Parasites		Crazy			Crazy (7")
Ravi Shankar 					Ragas & Talas
The Havering		House of Mirrors	So This is Life? 
Lid			Bloomsbury		(7")
Leonard Cohen 		Closing Time		The Future
Brain Eno		Lantern Marsh		Ambient 4
Voice of Eye 		Strange Attractor	Mariner Soniq
Anal Solvent					Wild n' Free
ST 37			The cornfield		The Invisible College
Leather Strip		Torment Me		Penetrate--
Emergency Broadcast	Behavior Modification/	
  Network		We Will Rock You
Chuck			Bush's Barbeque		Importance of Being Chuck
Oxbow			Bomb			King of the Jews
Mindslam		Whenever I dream,       (7")
			I die again
Martin Luther King	"I have a dream..."	B side, Stevie Wonder's
						Happy Birthday
William Kraft		Contextures		B side, copland's Lincoln
Malcom X		"Stop Singin' & start   The Wisdom of Malcom X
Mighty Force		Orchis			Hypnovel
FM			Vagina Doloris		Angelus
African Rain		New World Dance		African Rain
The Steel Drum Band	Zulu Chant		Steel Drums (Carribean)
SPK 			Machine Age Voodoo	Machine Age Voodoo
Dr. John		I Walk on Guilded 	Gris-Gris
The Shamen		Boss Drum		Boss Durm
Hafler Trio					A Thirsty Fish
Machines of Loving 	rite of shiva		Machines of Loving Grace
Sixth Comm		Mithrias		seething
Bonzo Dog Band		Keynsham		Keynsham
Bach			Prelude and Fugue in E	Well-Tempered Clavier
Amygdala		Strap on Coleslaw	Strap on Coleslaw (7")
Godflesh		Christbait Rising	Streetcleaner
Duran Duran		Wild Boys		Arena
Bobby Darin		Mack the Knife		Darin '36-'73
Benny Goodman		sing, sing, sing	This is the Big Band Era
Mynox Layh		Moogs			respectus
Jonathan Richman				I, Jonathan

So, my second show in this time slot went fairly well.  As
usual I had more music blocked out than I had time to play,
but there's always next week.  I got quite a few requests
this week (can you spot the requests in the above? Hint:
Duran, Duran is the obvious one) and had to do some
rearranging, but mostly the trouble was me letting my sound
beds run on while I got other things straightened out in the
control room.  I thought playing the Malcom X speech with
the Might Force cut "Orchis" playing in the background was
inspired, but I also really enjoyed the
Voodoo/techno-shamanism/shiva/mitrias/keynsham progression I
did at one point.