Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 6/20/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

A sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". I indicate things mixed together (played simultaneously) with curly brackets.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Graeme Revel		Claire's Theme		Until the End of the
						World (Soundtrack)
BED:Keith Jarret	Spheres, 3rd movement	Hymns-Spheres
{Brian Eno		Discrete Music		Discrete Music
Aphex Twin		Side 2  		Universal Indicator II
Ellery Eskelin
Wiliam Gibson quote     "Let the machine into
			your heart."
Clock DVA		Technogeist		Man Amplified
Havana 3 AM		Blue Motorcycle Eyes	Havana 3 AM
BED: Prince Jammy	256K			Computerized DUB
Scott Appleman		Chair Solo Pt. 2	Industrial Percussion
Einsturzende Neubauten	Bilbeschriebung		Strategies Against
						Architechture II
John Cage		Sonatas 14 & 15 	Sonatas and Interludes for
			"Gemini"		Prepared Piano
BED: Ry Cooder & 	Isa Lei			A Meeting by the River
   VM Bhatt
Ellen Fullman		Over & Under		Body Music
Audio Sculpture Exp.				Terra Vox (comp): Symptoms
						of a Specific Culture
Varteena		Sulhassi		Seleniko
BED: Trance Mission	Icaro    		Trance Mission
Ram 			In Reality		Beauty for Ashes
Itch 			Good to Be Alive	Nettwerk Sounds Sampler 4:
Sky Cries Mary		The Ocean Which 	A Return to the Inner
			Humanity Is     	Experience
BED: Top Choice Clique	I Think to Myself	CD Single
Fred Mitchem		Magic Eye		Vector Cops
Baron, Berne, Roberts	Abeetah			Miniature
Sharkbait		Arabia Deserta		Blowtorch Facelift
BED: Pete Rock & 	Death Becomes You	Menace II Society (sountrack)
  CL Moore
Armageddon Dildos	The White Room 		Homicidal Dolls
Ultraviolet  		Full Moon     		50 Years of Sunshine
   Catastrophe         	(crescent mix)
Kim Sinh		Tam Phap Nhap Mon/ 	Music From Viet Nam
			Khong Minh Toa Lau
BED: Keith Jarret	Spheres, 1st Movement	Hymns-Spheres
Sky Cries Mary		Circus Church		A Return to the Inner
Hitting Birth		Hallelujah		7"
Shriekback 		Every Force Evolves 	Sacred City
			a Form
BED: In The Nursery	L'Espirit 	 	L' Espirit

2AM 45 Minute Set, on the theme of Angels:

Ministy			The Angel		Twitch
Single Gun Theory	Angels Over Tehran	Like Stars in My Hands
Love is Colder than 	Taliesen & Melanghel	Mental Traveler
Jimi Hendrix		Angel			Between the Lines
Patti Smith 		Ask the Angels		Radio Ethiopia
{Numb			Decay of the Angel	Death on the Installment Plan
James			So Long Marianne  	I'm Your Fan
Shonen Knife		An Angel Has Come	Shonen Knife
In the Nursery		Angelchrome		Sense
Crash Worship		Angel Del Tremblor	Head Start to Purgatory (coll)
Eden 			Searching for Angel 	Gateway to the Mysteries

On impuse that night, I kept going to 6AM (by a fluke of
intersession scheduling here no one was signed up to take the 3AM
to 6AM shift): I started by playing the entire CD by the Gits
"Frenching the Bully", then did about an hour of techno mostly
off of the Twitch volume 10 and volume 11 collections, and in the
last hour I played a Firesign Theater record from 1985: "Eat or
Be Eaten".