Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 6/27/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

A sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: M^third power      Brainwaves              Twitch v.7
Run Tings               Fires Burning           Twitch V.6
God Machine             What Time is Love?      Home
KLF                     What Time is Love?      CD single
BED: J. Barry           Main Theme On Her       10th Anniversary James Bond 
                        Majestys Secret Service
Free Kitten             Skinny Butt             Call Now
Black Moon              Who Got the Props       12" single
808 State               10x10                   Gorgeous
BED: Shamen             Boss Drum               Twitch V. 10
Front 242               Mutilate                Up Evil
Port Jeffries/Robbie    The Fate of the Human   coll: Making Losers Happy;
   Muir                 Carbine
The Murmurs             Venom of Violence       Who Are We
BED: Smooth             You've Been Played      Menace II Society (soundtrack)
Va-Bank                 Black Flag              Va-Bank in the Kitchen
Einstuerzende           Salamandrina            Interim
BED: Brian Eno          The Lost Day            Ambient 4
Producers for Bob       Bob's Media Ecology 2   cut 2
Amygadala               Strap on Coleslaw       7"
Negativland             We Are Driven           Free
BED: L.Bricusse/        Goldfinger (instrum)    10th Anniversary James Bond
Switchblade Symphony    Chain                   Fable
Miranda Sex Garden      Iris                    Iris
Sade                    Haunt Me                Love is Stronger Than
BED: Mandible Chatter   3 Days of Grey          Drinking Out the HourGlass
Manufacture             Many Machines           The Voice of World Control
Perry Botkin            22 Machines             Combines
Level 42                World Macine            World Macine

The 45 Minute Set: Snakes

BED: Tiny Parham        Snake Eyes              Tiny Parham's South Side Jazz
Gabrielle Roth &        Snake                   Bones
  the Mirrors
Markus James            Head Fulla Snakes       Spirit Gate
Shriekback              Black Light Trap        Big Night Music
Anonymous               Snake Attack            7" single
Sixth Comm              Serpent Dance           Seething
Slamhound Hunters       The Snake Sheds its     Private Jungle
Third Person            Snake Oil               The Bends
Robin Hitchcock &       Serpent at the Gates    Respect
  The Egyptians         of Wisdom
Shriekback              The Reptiles and I      Big Night Music
Bill Nelson             Snake with Wings        A Catalogue of Obsessins.

Well that set was going really good, when the CD player decided
to skip on the Robin Hitchcock and then I chimed in with some
technical errors of my own.  *Almost* made it.  Oh well.

And next week I'm thinking about doing 45 minutes of pieces all
shorter than a minute, which will require me to swap disks and
cue records at an incredible rate.  I hope I can pull this off,
it'll be one virtuoso DJ performance....

Well, maybe I'll come to my senses by then, and do something else.