Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 7/4/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:".

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Top Choice Clique	I Think to 		CD single
			Myself (instr.)
Rage Against the 	Bullet in the Head	Promotional 12"
M.B. Solid		2 ft Deep (Deep		12"
			 Club Mix)
Guru			Sights in the City	Jazzmatazz
BED: Steve Lacy		Axieme part 2		Axieme
Third Person		The Deciding Machine	The Bends
Clock DVA		Final Program		Man-Amplified
68000			Mind Machine		Technocolor
BED: Crash Worship	bajo la piel		Espontaneo
Black Uhuru		Plastic Smile		Showcase
Voivod			Golem			Angel Rat
Cyberaktif		Face to Face		Tenebrae Vision
BED: Bach (Rosalyn 	Prelude & Fugue 	The Well-Tempered Clavier
   Tureck)		No. 1 in C Major
Musique Turiquie 	Ilahi et Nefes		A Window on the World
Alquima			Rings of Power		Manifestatin Vol. V (comp.)
Chris & Cosey		Techn0 Primativ		Techn0 Primativ
BED: Mr. Liu Pei-yuan	The Ambush		11 Centuries of Chinese
						Classical Music
Gallon Drunk		Paying for Pleasure	From the Heart of Town
Big City Orchestra	Saint Fear		The Four Cassettes
						of the Apocalypse
The Manufacture of 	Along These Lines	Dire Images of Beauty
BED: Manidble Chatter	growing fast in 	Drinking out the Hourglass
Cranes			Adrift			Forever
F.M. Einheit		Aufmarsch		Prometheus-Lear
Pigface			The Return of	 	Washing Maschine
			Wet Brain 2000		Mouth
BED: The Anti-Group	Big Sex			Bark (comp.)
Thoban Djan		Blue Seed		A Confederacy of 
						Dances (comp.)
Phew			The Last Song		Out Likeness
Orbestra		African Rain		Trans-Danubia

The 2 AM 45 Minute Set based on the Drone of the Didgeridoo:

Youthu Yindi		Dhum Dhum		Tribal Voice
Tom Wassinger &		The Great Beam of	Track to Bumbliva
  Jim Harvey		the Milky Way
Coil			Where Even the		Love's Secret Domain
			Darkness is Something 
			to See
Weird Nightmare		Eclipse			Meditations on Mingus
The Manufacturing of	9 Months in a	 	Dire Images of 
   Humidifiers		Nourishing Sac		Beauty
Voix De L'Orien		Touva			A Window on the 
  Sovietique					World
Andrew Cyrille &	Serious Fun I		Duos
  Peter Kowald
Trance Mission 		Bo Didgeley		Trance Mission
Tom Wasinger &		Wildman Blackfella	Track to Bumbliwa
  Jim Harvey
Outback			Cuban Connections	Dance the Devil Away
Yothu Yindi		Djapana (Master Mix)	Djapana

And I ended the show with: 
Direckt			two fatt guitars	Twitch V. 11

Well, due to some slight technical problems (really!) I decided 
to postpone the mind-numbing amount of work involved in doing a 
45 minute set of pieces less than a minute long.  Maybe next week...