Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 8/15/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". Things played on top of each other are grouped together with the curly braces {}.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Ethnic Heritage 	Take the A Train 	Dance with the Ancestors
{Gil Scott-Heron	Atribute to the People	From South Africa to 
						South Carolina
Voice of Eye		Epitaph for King Lear	Mariner Soniq
{_Tony Levin		Lone Bear		Plus From Us (coll.)
BED: Madonna		Live to Tell		True Blue
Gallon Drunk		Jake on the Make	From the Heart of Town
Clock DVA		Voice Recognition	Sign
Robin Hitchcock & 	The Shapes Between Us 	Globe of Frogs
   the Egyptians	Turn to Animals 
BED: Robert Palmer	Addicted to Love	Love Addictions Vol 1
Raw Dog			Raw Dog			Rivet Head Culture (coll.)
Clock DVA	 	Dark Attractor		Man-Amplified
Igor Kipnis/Ramean	Suite in E/Gigue I&II	French Baroque Music 
						for Harpsichord
BED: Michael Jackson	The Girl is Mine	Thriller
Pleasure Center		Face Projector		Manifestation V. 5 (coll.)
The Fringe		J's on the Way		It's Time for the Fringe
Cop Shoot Cop		Migration		Ask Questions Later
BED: Madonna		True Blue		True Blue
Philip Glass & 		North Africa (1962)	Music From the Screens
   Foday Mosa Saso
John Moran		Subject: Beatles	The Manson Family - An Opera
Uakti			Mapa			Mapa
Front 242		Hymn			Up Evil
Lights in a Fat City	Thunder		 	Somewhere
Farafina		Faso Denou		Faso Denou
BED: Quarterflash	Night Shift		Night Shift (soundtrack)
Slant 6			What Kind of Monster	7" (at 33RPM)
			Are You
Voivod			Angel Rat		Angel Rat
David Bowie		The Supermen		Man Who Sold the World
BED: Rod Stewart	Infatuation		Camoflauge
Lung			Elvis Arsehole		Three Heads on a Plate
Crash Worship		Discordia		Asesinos
Up Above the World	Unleashed in the East	Twitch V. 11
BED: Sheila E

the 2 AM 45 Minute Set: Music for Eningeers

Gary Numan		Engineers		Pleasure Principle
Rythm Pigs		Machines Are In		Choke on This
Movement Ex		I Deal With 		Movememnt Ex
Chemlab			Suture (cut 6) 		10 Ton Pressure
Weasels			Physics Rap		TAPE
Stone Glass Steel	Recontextual Manifesto	Industrial Meditation
Clock DVA		Final Program		Man-Amplified
Slant 6			What Kind of Monster 	7" (at 45 RPM)
			Are You
BED: Kraftwerk		The Man-Machine		The Man-Machine

Miranda Sex Garden	Seek Sweet Control	Madra
Miranda Sex Garden	While Joyful 		Madra
			Springtime Lasteth
Miranda Sex Garden	Though Philonela Lost	Madra
			Her Love
{Jefferson Starship	Fire			Earth
Michael Jackson		Beat It			Thriller
Rod Stewart		Infatuation		Camouflage
Sinead O' Conner	The Lion & the Cobra
Ken Thorne		A Day in the Life	Magic Christian
Chordettes		Mr. Sandman		The Best of the Chordettes
Up Above the World	Unleashed in the East	Twitch V. 11
Naked City		Sex Games		Heretic
Leonard Cohen		The Future		The Future
Gil Scott-Heron		Lady Day & John		The Revolution Will Not 
			Coltrane		Be Telelvised. 
Ethnice Heritage	Alika Rising		Dance With the Ancestors