Here's the playlist (as promised on the air) from the Industrial Strength Blend. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, 1/24/93) from midnight to 3AM.

Have any ideas for me? I take email requests.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Terra Vox		Strategik Shadows	Symptom of a Specific 
Machines of Loving 	Cicciolina		Machines of Loving Grace
Leonard Cohen		Democracy		The Future
Sunra			Freindly Galaxy		Purple Night
Mynox Layh		Moogs			respectus
Jonathan Richman	That Summer Feeling	I, Jonathan
Buzzcocks		Sixteen Again		Vinyl Solution Jem Imp No 9
Voice of Eye		King Lear		Mariner Soniq
Susan James		Run 			Life Between Two Worlds
Tohban Djan		Blue Seed		A Confederacy of Dances
Phew			The Last Song		Out Likeness
African Rain		Rise Up			African Rain
Jean Michael Jarre	Oxygene 4		The Essential Jean 
						Michael Jarre
Magnapop		Pleasant Valley 	Here No Evil
Gary Clail		The Emotional Hooligan	The Emotional Hooligan
Malcom X		By Any Means Necessary	The Wisdom of Malcom X
Might Force		3rd World Drummer 	Hypnovel
Killbilly		Don't Tread on Me	Don't Tread on Me
Patti Smith		Till Victory		Easter
Skinny Puppy		Sore in a Masterpiece/	Back & Forth
			Dead of Winter	
The Roches		Want Not, Want Not	Feed the Folk
Bonzo DoBand		What to do? 		Keynsham
Pete Townsend		Let's See Action	Who Came First
Balafon			I Already Have a 	Balafon
Pink Floyd		Set the Controls for 	Ummagumma
			the Heart of the Sun
Bizarre Inc		X-Static		Energique
Falling Joys		Psychohum		Psychohum
Leonard Cohen		Waiting for a Miracle	The Future
Gary Clail		Escape			The Emotional Hooligan
Non-Aggression Pact	Done			Gesticulate
Corporation of One	City Under Seige	Smokin' Hip House
The Havering		Cheap & Twisted Times   So This is Life?
Ministry		Quick Fix		Just One Fix
Meat Beat Manifesto	Placebo			Satyricon
Timothy Leary		You Can Be Anyone 	You Can Be Anyone
			This Time Around	This Time Around
William Shatner		Lucy in the Sky with 	Golden Throats
Leonard Cohen		Closing Time		The Future
Skiffle Bunch		The 3 Seasons		Pan Classics
Solid State Logic	Rise			Rise/Ultrastate
Skinny Puppy		Monster Radio Man	Back & Forth

Well, most of the technical problems weren't my fault this time,
and the better stuff I was trying probably came out okay, like
mixing the Malcom X on top of Mighty Force.  And the 45 minute
uninterrupted set I did at the end was a bit easier to work out
that I expected, which is good, since I've announced it as a
regular feature.  

So tune in next week, and if you can stick it out until 2AM, you
should hear me do a 45 minute set on this announced theme:

   Music for techies, technoids and technogeeks.  Everything from
   cyberpunk to sci-fi, and maybe even all the way to the
   scientific...  and as always, some Industrial music for
   Industrial people.