Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 8/22/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". Things played on top of each other are grouped together with the curly braces {}.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
George Clinton		Airbound		The Cinderella Theory
Sidewalk Prophets	Southern Comfort	Homeless Writer's Coalition
808 State 		Europa			Gorgeous
BED: Fred Frith		water/struggle/		Guitar Solos
			the North	
Gallon Drunk		You Should Be Ashamed	From the Heart of the Sun
Third Person		If We Were Talking 	The Bends
The Murmurs		Game Player		Who Are We
BED: Crash Worship	Catatonic Dance		Asesimnos
Alquima			Erasing Personal 	Manifestation V (comp.)
Tom Cora & Peter 	Growing Crazy		Duos
Pagannini		Caprice no. 5 in 	24 Caprices performed by 
			C Major			Emanuel Vardi
BED: Earth		cut 1			Earth 2
Sad Pygmy		Smut & Glamor		Manifestatin V (comp.)
Nancy Sinatra		Good Time Girl		Nany Sinatra's All Time Hits
Billie Holiday		Night & Day		Billie Holiday Story V.3
BED: Cliff Martinez	I'm Gonna Drawl		Sex, Lies & Videotape
Death in June		But What Ends When the 	Something is Coming
			Symbols Shatter
Slave to External	Disintigrate		Twitch Volume 11
David Bowie		Hang on to Yourself	Man Who SOld the World
BED: Velvet 		Ocean			1969
This Ascension		Drone			Tears in the Rain
Bjork			Aeroplane		Debut
Thrill Kill Kult	Days of Swine & Roses	Confessions of a Knife
BED: Janacek		Our Father		Choral & Orchestral Works
Polygon Windows		If It Really Is Me	Surfing on Sine Waves
Cancer Barrack		Speichel		Hyperium Sampler (comp.)
Xtal			In Know That		Good Luck
BED: Le Mystere Des 	Instrumental Suite	Melody Rhythm & Harmony
  Voix Bulgares
Sky Cries Mary		Moving Like Water	A Return to the Inner 
David Baerwald		A Secret Silken World 	Triage
Yellow Magic Orchestra	Daytripper		Yellow Magic Orchestra
BED: C.C.C.C.		Love Sounds Dopa	Live in the U.S.A.

2 AM 45 Minute Set: Music of Oceans

Tom Waites		The Ocean Doesn't 	Bone Machine
			Want Me
Phew			Ocean			Our Likeness
The Space Negroes	The Eight Sea		Dig Archeology 1980-1990
Legendary Pink Dots	The Ocean Cried Blue 	Maria Dimension
Severed Heads		Seven of Oceans		Cuisine
Robin Hitchcock & 	Oceanside		Perspex Island
   the Egyptians
Gits 			Seaweed			Prescious Blood
{Teresa Brewer		How Deep is the Ocean?	American Music Box
C.C.C.C.		Love Sounds Dopa	Live in the U.S.A. 
Janacek 		Our Father		Orchestral & Choral Works
Lush 			Ocean			Spooky
Clock DVA		Return to Blue		Sign
Sky Cries Mary		Back to the Sea		Exit at the Axis
Ethnic Heritage 	Oceans Deep		Dance with the Ancestors

BED: Gabrielle Roth	Oceana			Ritual
    & the Mirrors
They Killed Fritz	Whitley Park		Rivet Head Culture (comp.)
Chemlab			Chemical Halo		Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar
Lida Husik		Light of the Day	Return of the Red Emma

That would normally have been the end, but I wound up doing a double-shift,
improvising the next three hours:

BED: Eskimos & Egypt	Welcome to the Future	Welcome to the Future 
						(Reggae and Metal Mix)
Lee Hyla		In Double Light		In Double Helix
{Tenko & Ikue Mori	Rain			Death Praxis
Janacek			There Upon the 		Choral & Orchestral Works
Gabrielle Roth		Lonesome Song		
  & the Mirrors
Paganinni		No 5 in A Minor		24 Caprices
Crash Worship		Discordia		Asesinos
The Drum Club		One Tribe		Volume 6
Fred Frith		Alienated Industrial 	Guitar Solos
			Sea Gulls
{Janacek		There Upon the 		Choral & Orchestral Works
Paganinni		No 5 in A Minor		24 Caprices
Tom Waits		Goin' Out West		Bone Machine
F.M. Einheit		Aufstand		Prometheus-Lear
Fred Frith		Heat c/w Moment		Guitar Solos
Doudou N'Diage Rose	Rose Rhythm		Plus From Us (coll.)
Lights in a Fat City	Thunder			Somewhere
Foul-Play		Dubbing You		Welcome to the Future
Schlong			Rats			Squattin' On the Pot
Garth			cut 1			No Rest for the Wicked
Pete Seegar		Joe Hill		
{Voice of Eye		Epitaph for King Lear	Mariner Soniq
Michelle Musser		Eye Chant		Eye Chant
Gabrielle Roth 		Crystal Cavern		Ritual
   & the Mirrors
Third Person		The Deciding 		The Bends
Pete Seegar		Many There Always 	Pete Seegar & Arlo Guthrie
			Be Sunshine/		Together in Concert
			Three Rules of 
			Discipline & the Rules 
			of Attention
Jannacheck		First Movement		Sinfonnieta
Danny Elfman		The Cemetary		Batman Returns
Bad Religion		Watch it Die		Recipie for Hate
Mandible Chatter	all of them		Drinking Out of the Hourglass