Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 8/29/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". Things played on top of each other are grouped together with the curly braces {}.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Conjunto Cespedes	Virgen De La Caridad	Una Solo Casa
Gil Scott-Heron		Storm Music		Reflections
Billie Holiday		Night & Day
BED: Donna Summer	Eyes			Cats Without Claws
Ice-T			Original Gangster	12"
Frank Sinatra		Angel Eyes		The Capitol Years
David Bowie		After All		The Man Who Sold the World
BED: Kronos Quartet	cut 1 			Gorecki String Quartets
The Mummies 		Tall Cool One		Play Their Own Records
The Mountain Goats	Going to Malibu		7": Child De Arbol
Ween			Cruise Control		7": Sky Cruiser
BED: Bach/Igor Kipnis				Bach on the Harpsichord &
The Mr. T. Experience	What is Punk?		Night Shift at the
						Thrill Factory
Leland Stanford 	Crazy Train
   Junior Marching
Dave Kinnein		Sea Floor Strut		The Little Mermaid
   & Jimmy Hammer
BED: C.C.C.C		cut 1			Loud Sounds Dopa Live
 						in the U.S.A.
Fred Astaire & George	Don't Monkey With 	Broadway Melody of 1940
   Murphy/Cole Porter 	Broadway
Patti Smith		Rock n' Roll Nigger	Easter
Leonard Cohen		Anthem			The Future
BED: Keith Jarret	Nagoya 11/12/72		Sun Bear Concerts
Sharkbait		Vertical Assault	Blowtorch Face-Lift
Einstuerzende 		Tanz Debil		Strategies Against
   Neubauten 					Architechture
Worlds Collide		Jam Karet "Time is 	Everything's Changing in the
			Rubber"			Global Village
BED: Keith Jarret	Nagoya 11/12/72		Sun Bear Concerts
Will Rigby		Ricky Skaggs Tonight	7": Red Bra & Panties
Teresa Brewer  		Hello Dolly 		Memories of Louis
   & Friends
Jonathan Richman 	Hey There Little 	Jonathan Richman
   & the Modern Lovers  Insect                     & the Modern Lovers
BED: Added Multicide	Zero Element		Parthenogenis
G.G.F.H.		Dark Powers		Disease
Die Form		Doctor X		Hyperium Sampler (comp.)
Danny Elfman		Tales From the Crypt	Music for a Darkened Theater
Clock DVA		North Loop		Thirst
The Anti-Group		Sunset Eyes		The Anti-Group
Clock DVA		Voice Recognition	Sign
Multicide		Ashy Drifts of Insect 	Parthenogenis