Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 9/5/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". Things played on top of each other are grouped together with the curly braces {}.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Maestro Fresh Web	Bring it On		12"
Sun Ra			Moon Dance		Cosmic Tones for Mental
						Therapy/ Art Forms 
						for Dimensions Tomorrow
BED: Ravi Shankar	Rupak Tal		Ragas & Talas
Zombu			first track		Night of the Living 	
						Dead Vinyl (comp)
Morton Gold		Battle Music		World War I soundtrack
						(TV Documentary 1965)
Wade			Barely Human		7"
BED: Ellen Fullman	Body Music		Body Music
Alquima			Inorganic Beings	Manifestation V
Gallon Drunk		End of the Line		From the Heart of Town
Parasites		Mel's Theme		7"
BED: Robert Fripp	Bicycling to 		Show of Hands
Janacek			Prelude to "The House 
			of the Dead"
P Children		Influence		Documentatin 87'-92'
Sleeping Dogs Wake	She			Sleeping Dogs Wake
BED: Black Dog 		Focus Mel		Bytes	
   Productions (ATYPIC)
Polygon Windows		Quath			Surfing on Sine Waves
Sheep on Drugs		Catch-22		Greatest Hits
Kenneth Newby		Ephemera		Ecology of Saints
BED: Bach		the forgotten Cantata
C.C.C.C.		cut 1			Loud Sounds Dopa
Crash Worship		Starring		Asesinos
{John Coltrane		Resolution		12"
Anthrax			Be All, End All		State of Euphoria
Gaden Shartse Monks	Mila de shag gyad 	Sacred Healing Chants of 
			kyi Chuga		Tibet
C.C.C.C.		cut 2			Loud Sounds Dopa
BED: Gaden Shartse	Mila de shag gyad 	Sacred Healing Chants of 
    Monks		kyi Chuga		Tibet
Lou Harrison		Avalokiteshara		The Perilous Chapel
Ice			Stick Insect		Under the Skin
Tekton Motor Corp	The Horizon		Head Your Mind 
						(Dreamtime Sampler)
BED: Sun Ra		Journey Towards Stars	Purple Night

2AM 45 Minute Set: Music for Science Fiction fans
Richard O' Brien	Science Fiction Double  Rocky Horror Picture Show
			Feature 		(soundtrack)
Shriekback		The Big Hush		Oil & Gold
Skinny Puppy		200 Years		Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Michael Kamen		Central Services	Brazil (soundtrack)
Grotus			Valhalla's Celtic 	Brown
Die Form 		Doctor X 		Hyperirum Sampler
Sharkbait		My Machine (sex)	Crushits
Monks of Doom		Virtual Lover		Forgery
Jefferson Airplane	Have You Seen the 	Flight Log
			Stars Tonight
Clock DVA 		Re-Entry		Sign
D' Cuckoo		Distant Worlds		D'Cuckoo
Graeme Revell		Finale			Until the End of the WOrld 
BED: Sun Ra		Friendly Galaxy		Purple Night
Lights in a Fat City