Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 9/13/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

Here a sound bed (background music for talking) is indicated by "BED:". Things played on top of each other are grouped together with the curly braces {}.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Gil Scott-Heron         Storm Music             Reflections
Prince Fari             Deadly Command Sound    The Dub Encounter Ch. IV
The Tear Garden         Blobbo                  Sheila Liked the Rodeo
B: Synergy              An End to History       Audion
Burundi                 Tambours Ingoma Avec    Traditional Musics
                        Choeur D'Hommes
Crash Worship           Discordia               Asesinos
Yothu Yindi             Djapana                 Djapana Sunrise
BED: Keith Jarret       Spheres, 4th Move.      Hymns-Spheres
{Juliana Hatfield 3     I Got No Idols          become what you are
C.C.C.C.                part 1                  Live in Pittsburg
{Sheep on Drugs         Radio                   Motorbike/Mary Jane
C.C.C.C.                part 1                  Live in Pittsburg
Lovin' Spoonful         Respoken                What's Up Tiger Lily?
C.C.C.C.                part 1                  Live in Pittsburg
BED: Keith Jarret       Spheres, 4th Move.      Hymns-Spheres
Sweet Wiliam            Kind of Strangest       Hyperium Sampler
G.G.F.H.                Real                    Disease
Tekton Motor Corp       The Horizon             "Head Your Mind" the Dreamtime
BED: {Brian Eno         The Lost Day            Ambient 4
C.C.C.C.                part 1                  Live in Pittsburg
Dead Can Dance          Anywhere out of the     A Passage in Time
{Charles Badelaire      Anywhere Out of the     Prose Poems
Bach                    Prelude & Fugue in E    The Well-Tempered Clavier
Clock DVA               Two Souls               Sign
BED: {Brian Eno         The Lost Day            Ambient 4
C.C.C.C.                part 1                  Live in Pittsburg
Skinny Puppy            Knowwhere?              Last Rites
Stereolab               Golden                  Transient Random Noise Bursts
                                                With Announcements
Malachi Thompson        Elephantine Island      Lift Every Voice
BED: Amorphous          Liquid Insects          Tales of the ephid... 
X-Tal                   Stating the Obvious     Good Luck
Francisco Ulloa         Canto De Hacha (the     Ultra merengue
                        axe song)
Crash Worship           Shadow Weapon           Asesinos
BED: Gabrielle Roth     Red Wind                Totem
   & the Mirrors
Ngoc Lam & Que          Wind on the Bridge      Mekong River
Zoviet France           Wind Theif              Shouting at the Ground
Le Mystere des Voix     The Wind is Blowing     
BED: Gabrielle Roth     Red Wind                Totem
   & the Mirrors

The 2AM 45 Minute, uniterrupted set based on the sound of the wind chime: 

Audio Sculpture         Chine Moderne           Terra Vox (compilation)
Mike Hovancsek          Railyard Meditation     Yearbook Vol. 2
Unrest                  Food & Drink            Perfect Teeth
Kenneth Newby           Odalan                  Ecology of Souls
John Cage               Sonatas 14 & 15         Sonatas & Interludes for 
                        "Gemini"                Prepared Piano
The Anti-Group          Sunset Eyes             The Anti-Group
Zoviet France           East Travels West       Loh Land
Lights in a Fat City    Guboo                   Somewhere
P Children              Irresolution            Documentation '87 - '92
Switchblade Symphony    Bad Trash               
Burundi                 Chant Et Sanza          Traditional Musics
Fernand Tarres          Infinite Acceptance     On the Edges of White

I ran quite a bit over 45 Minutes on that one... I'd planned on
only playing a little bit of the Kenneth Newby, but when I had it
on got into the way it sounded and let it run for more like 6 or
8 minutes, and I wasn't going to *not* play the Switchblade
Symphony just because the set was getting kind of long.  Oh well.

I also didn't get my "wind chime and fan" apparatus working in
the studio until after 3AM.  It turned out I stayed on the air
until 6AM, though, and whatever listeners there were at that time 
got to hear it mixed in with nearly everything I played. 

But that's another playlist, for another time...