Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, 1/31/93) from midnight to 3AM.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Baha Men                Back to the Island      Twitch Volume 8
Skinny Puppy            To A Baser Nature       Prepare the Satanic Citizen
Jon Shaft               Idealism (Ideology Mix) Jon Shaft 12"
Her Fault               Bellyflop               Her Fault 7"
Non-Aggression          Propaganda              Gesticulate
Jesus Jones             Two and Two             Doubt
Joy Division            Warsaw                  Substance
Magnapop                Snake                   Magnapop
Gary CLail              Magic Penny             The Emotional Hooligan
Gary Clail              Human Nature (12" ver.) The Emotional Hooligan
Peter Jefferies/        Image of a Single       Jefferies/Muir 7"
  Robbie Muir           Thought
Mynox Layh              Flucton                 respectus
Black Box               Ride on Time            Ride on Time 12"
Lion Rock               Lion Rock               Twitch Volume 8
Billie Holiday          Ghost of Yesterday      God Bless the Child
Switchblade Symphony    Mine Eyes               From The Machine collection
Phil Ochs               No More Sons            Greatest Hits           
Laibach                 II Panaroma             The Occupied Europe Tour
Prokokiev               Fourth Movement         Symphony No. 5 in B flat major
Mynox Layh              Stadium                 respectus
African Rain            Tangerine Dream         African Rain
Shakedown Productions   Alhmabra                Twitch Volume 8
Chris Cochrane          To Disenfranchise       A Confederacy of Dances
Maura O'Conell          Love to Learn           Blue is the Color
Dead Kennedys           To Drunk to Fuck        Dead Kennedys
Nancy Sinatra           Somethin' Stupid        All Time Greatest Hits

And the 2AM, 45 minute uninterrupted set: 
David Bowie             Saviour Machine         The Man Who Sold the Earth
Stone Glass Steel       Machines of Passion     Industrial Meditation
                        and Steel
Firesign Theater        "Clone Me, Dr. Memory"  I Think We're All Bozo's 
                                                On This Bus
Richard O'Brien         Science Fiction/        Rocky Horror Picture Show
                        Double Feature
Bad Religion            21st Century Digital    Against the Grain
David Bowie             Moonage Daydream        Ziggy Stardust
Weasels                 The Measurement of      The Weasels
Timothy Leary           What do you Turn on     You Can Be Anyone
                        When you Turn on? 
Ultravox                I Want to Be a          Ultravox
Stone Glass Steel       Shatter the Rotating    Industrial Mediation
Clock DVA               Man-Amplifiers          Man-Amplified

The theme of that last set was supposed to be "music for
techies".  I guess it went okay, though there was one glitch in
the middle of it because some twit had yanked out the patch I
needed to play the Weasels cassette.  Maybe I'll try and do the
same set again some time and try and get it right.  

I didn't get around to announcing the theme for the next 2AM 45
minute set... maybe I'll make it a "doom's favorites" set.