Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 2/7/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I'm trying to figure out a good way to indicate when I've played two things mixed on top of each other... for now I think I'll use curly braces to group things together.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
Death in Arcadia        Plastic Biker Nuns      House of Gabar
Leonard Cohen           Closing Time            The Future
Single Gun Theory       I Am What I See         Possessed (Nettwerk Sounds
                                                Sampler Vol. 4)
{Malcom X               There's No Such Thing   The Wisdom of Malcom X
                        as a Non-Violent 
EMRYS                   Arcane                  Symptoms of a Specific
                                                Culture (Terra Vox Compilation)
{Billie Holiday         Don't Be Late           Greatest Hits V. 2
Brian Eno               Discreet Music          Discreet Music
Clock DVA               Techno-Geist            Man-Amplified
LID                     Bloomsbury              Ivy (7")
Apparition              Distant Direct          Below San Onofre (Comp.)
Sun Ra                  Strange Celestial       Strange Celestial Road
Stone Glass Steel       Sharp Reflective        Industrial Meditation
Insurgent               No Time Trespassing     Terra Vox (compilation) 
Will                    Souls of the Valiant    World Flesh Stone
Brothers & Systems      What You're Good For    Possessed (Nettwerk V.4)
{Neant                  Population              Symptoms of a Specific 
                        Psychasthenique         Culture (Terra Vox comp.)
Paganini                                        The 24 Caprices
{Black Box              I Don't Know Anybody    I Don't Know Anybody Else (12")
Bach                    Cantata BMV 56  
                        "Ich Will Den Kreuzstab
                        Gerne Tragen"
Code Industry           False Media Gods        Young Men Coming to Power
Paganini                No. 2 in B Minor        24 Caprices
Rascals                 Groovin'                Timepeace (Greatest Hits)
Gary Numan              Slow Car to China       Dance

The 2AM 45 minute uninterrupted set (beginning with a technical-error bonus

Gary Numan              Night Talk              Dance
Thrill Kill Kult        Days of Swine & Roses   My Life with the TKK / KMFDM
Shriekback              The Reptiles and I      Big Night Music
The Velvet Underground  Pale Blue Eyes          Andy Warhol's VU featuring Nico
Phil Ochs               The World Began in      Greatest Hits
                        Eden and Ended in 
                        Los Angeles
Lenoard Cohen           Teachers                Songs of Leonard Cohen
David Bowie             Life on Mars            Hunky Dory
Bryan Ferry             When She Walks in       The Bride Stripped Bare
                        the Room
Jim Carrol              Three Sisters           Catholic Boy
Marshall Crenshaw       Cynical Girl            Marshall Crenshaw
Nick Lowe               The Rose of England     The Rose of England

Also, I used a few different pieces of music as sound beds to talk over: 
Brian Eno               Discreet Music          Discreet Music
Electrosonic            I Am the Creator        Twitch Volume 8
Supereal                One Nation              Twitch Volume 8
Stone Glass Steel       Pushing the Envelope    Industrial Meditiations