Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 2/14/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

For now, I'm indicating that two (or more) things were played on top of each other with curly braces grouping them together. A song that I just played a piece of in the background while I was talking over it is labeled with a "BED:" (meaning "sound bed").

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Ultraviolet 	The Trip		The Trip
The C.O.M.		???			Terra Vox: Symptoms of a 
						Specific Culture
Severed Heads		The Tingler		Possessed: Nettwerk Sounds
						Sampler Volume 4
David Weinstein 	Poland			A Confederacy of Dances
BED: Eno		Dunwich Beach		Ambient 4
Smashing Pumpkins	Drown			Singles Soundtrack
Phew			Ocean			Our Likeness
Sheila Chandra		Ever So Lonely/		Weaving My Ancestral Voices
{BED:Bizet		Suite No. 1 Prelude	L'Arlesienne Suites 1 & 2
Fripp			1984			Let The Power Fall
Uncle Wiggly 		Elanor's Pizza Party	Soluble Fish (Compilation)
Prodigy 		Jericho			Out Of Space
{Stone Glass Steel	The Cavernous Vacuum	Industrial Meditations
Lisa Kindred 		The Bulgine Run		New Folks Vol 2
BED: Artie Shaw		Frenesi			This is the Big Band Era
Severed Heads		Nation			Nettwerk
Naughty By Nature	The Hood Comes First	Hip-Hop Hooray
Intelligence Unit	Homeland		a final bastion
BED: Throbbing 		Maggot Death		Second Annual Report
In Sotto Vocce		Track 10 (cut 4 on B)	Tracks
Fred Frith & Rene 	Vinegar Mints		Nous Autres
808 State		Stormin Norman		Gorgeous
BED: Keith Jarret	Spheres 1st Movement	Hymns-Spheres
Clock DVA		Beautiful Losers	Breakdown
emiS sPHERE		DeNse KUlptuR		Terra Vox: Symptom of (etc.)
{Shostakovich		3rd Movement		Symphony No5 Opus 47
Shiela Chandra		Speaking in Tongues	Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Roches 			Another World		Another World
African Rain		Tangering Dream		New World Dance
BED: Johnny Noble	Hula Blues		Slack Sax
Vapors			Civic Hall		Magnets
Pete Towndsend		Hiding Out		White City
Killbilly 		Don't Tread On Me 	Don't Tread on Me (7")
BED: Oxbow		Angel			King of the Jews
ST37			Ruins Run Deep		The Invisible College
Tropical Angel Harps	Scheherazade 4th Move.	Pan Classics (Compilation)
Orbestra		African Rain		Trans-Danubia
Art of Noise		Moment in Love		
BED: 			Morpheus Ascending	Drugstore Cowboy Soundtrack

The 2AM 45 minute set on the theme of Fire & Ice:

John Cale		Antartica Starts Here	Paris 1919
Fred Frith & Rene	Iceberg			Nous Autres
Kate Bush 		Under Ice		Hounds of Love
SPK 			The Doctrine of 	Gold & Poison
			Eternal Ice
Nico			Frozen Warnings		Strange Fruit
Leonard Cohen		Who By Fire		revenge of the goldfish
Empty Box		Burn			Soluble Fish (Compilation)
NON			Fire in the Organism	Easy Listening for Iron 
Schnitt Acht		Fire			Fire
Martha & the 		Heat Wave		Greatest Hits
EX with Tom Cora	Fire and Ice		Scrabbling at the Lock

Ultraviolet 		The Trip		The Trip