Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 2/21/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together. A song that I just played a piece of in the background while I was talking over it is labeled with a "BED:" (meaning "sound bed").

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:
BED: Ultraviolet        Trip Harder             The Trip (12")
Pop Will Eat Itself     Touched By the Hand     Cure for Sanity
                        of Ciciolina
Neon Judgement          Trashy Lady             Horny as Hell
King Missle             VvV (Vulva Void)        Happy Hour
BED: Brian Eno          Ambient 4               Tal Coat
The Gits                Second Skin             Frenching the Bully
Shriekback              Dust & Shadow           Go Bang!
{Leonard Cohen          Tacoma Trailer          The Future
Voice of Eye            Epitaph for King Lear   Mariner Soniq
Leonard Cohen           Anthem                  The Future
BED: Oxbow              Angel                   King of the Jews
Death in Arcadia        Turn As a Unit          House of Garbar
The Jam                 In the Crowd            All Mod Cons
Jefferson Airplane      We Can Be Together      Volunteers
BED: Keith Jarret       Spheres 3rd Movement    Hymns-Spheres
Throbbing Gristle       E-Coli                  D.O.A.
Pitch Shifter           New Flesh               Industrial
Tin Machine             Baby Universal          
BED: Artie Shaw         Begin the Beguin        This is the Big Band Era
Frontline Assembly      Teardown
Skinny Puppy            K-9                     Possessed: Nettwerk Sounds V.4
Tranceformer            parametric              technotic effect
Sun Ra                  Prelude to Stargazers   Mayan Temples
BED: Brian Eno          Latern Marsh            Ambient 4
The Havering            House of Mirrors        So This is Life?
Johnny Rivers           Secret Agent Man        Golden Hits
Single Gun Theory       I Am What I See         Possessed: Nettwerk Sounds V.4
BED: ?
Mary J Blige            Real Love               Real Love (12")
Gamma Rays              Hotel Song              Soluble Fish
Guy Klucevsek           Flying Vegetables of    Flying Vegetables of 
                        the Apocalypse          the Apocalypse
BED:                    (cut 9)                 technotic effect 
Sheila Chandra          The Enchantment         Weaving My Ancestors
808 State               Black Morpheus          Gorgeous
Sharkbait               Arabia Deserta          Blowtorch Facelift
BED:                    Hula Blues              Slack Sax

2AM 45 minute set on the theme of "Reality":
Thrill Kill Kult        Nervous Xtians          Some Have to Kill 
                                                Some Have to Dance (12")
Patti Smith             Distant Fingers         Radio Ethiopia          
Monochrome Set          Martians Go Home        Strange Boutique
Mojo Nixon              Jesus at McDonalds      Get Out of My Way
Iao Core                Time Ghost              From the Machine
The Shamen              RE: Evolution           Boss Drum
Xtal                    Amateur Alchemist       Reason is 6/7 of Treason
David Bowie             We Are Hungry Men       David Bowie
Gang of Four            Money Talks             Mall
Bad Religion            Flat Earth Society      against the grain
David Bowie             Speed of Life           Low

BED: Ultraviolet        Trip Harder             The Trip (12")
The Shamen              Boss Drum               Boss Drum

So, not too bad a show, I thought.  It seemed to be my night for
making technical errors that miraculously would just work out
okay anyway.  For instance I really meant to play Bad Religion's
"Entropy" but "Flat Earth Society" isn't a bad pick for a
"Reality" set...