Here's the playlist from the Industrial Strength Blend on 3/7/93. This is my show on KZSU, 90.1 FM, on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from midnight to 3AM.

I indicate that two (or more) things were played on top of each other by using curly braces to group them together.

Artist:                 Cut:                    Album:

First, here are the cuts I used as background music just to
talk over:

The Orb			Perpetual Dawn		Prepetual Dawn 12"
Frati Minori of		Mass XII 		Gregorian Masses
  Busto Arsizio		   "Pater Cuncta" 
Dave Brubeck Quartet	Three to Get Ready	Timeout
Dave Brubeck Quartet	Kathy's Waltz		Timeout
Stone Glass Steel	Pushing the Envelope	Industrial Meditations

Einsturzende Neubauten	Sie			Tabula Rasa
Grotus			Shelf Life		Luddite
Psychowelders		VHVH			Dr. Death's V.6
{Gabrielle Roth & 	Medicine Dream		Trance
   the Mirrors
Malcom X		(cut 1)			The Wisdom of Malcom X
D'Cuckoo		Somebody Else's Dreams	D'Cuckoo
Phil Ochs		My Life			Rehersals for Retirement
The Pogues		Gridlock		Roadside Prophets (soundtrack)
Mynox Layh		Muhle			respectus
Milcho Leviev 		Woman's Dance		Bulgarian Piano
Cone of Silence		Cone of Silence		Cone of Silence
Three Mile Pilot	sore loser		Na Vucca Do Lupa
Black Box		I Don't Know Anybody	I Don't Know Anybody Else 12"
Lush			Ocean			spooky
Severed Heads		Seven of Oceans		Cuisine
Sheila Chandra		Ever So Lovely/Eyes/	Weaving My Ancestor's Voices
Crowded House		Don't Dream it's Over	Crowded House
808 State		southern cross		Gorgeous
Sun Ra			Sun Song		Sun Song
Jessita Reyes		Sacred Dance		Deer Dancer
  & Grupo Yaqui
The Shamen		space time		Boss Drum
Clock DVA		Transitional Voices	Man-Amplified
Starpimp		Richie			Starpimp
Velvet Underground	Ocean			1969

The 45 minute uninterrupted set (on the theme of Masks): 

Bauhaus			Mask			Greatest Hits
Insekt			Mask			Dreamscape
Babyland		Mask			You Suck Crap
Nod			Disguise		Nod
The Frames		Masquerade		Another Love Song
Ed's Redeeming 		Camouflage		More Bad Times
The Havering		Vanity			So This is Life?
The Space Negroes	Iron Man		DIG Archaeology II
Mixed Company		Helmet			Unanimous
The Gits		Second Skin		Frenching the Bully
The Clash		Lose This Skin		Sandinista
Waldo Jeffries		The Inside Song		Soluble Fish 

Orb			Perpetual Dawn		Perpetual Dawn 12"