S.L.A., Title: Screed    CASSETTE

A nice tape of industrial dance oriented music (with a mix
of guitars, drum machines and metallic percussion), mostly
on the rockish side, though only one track has a heavy metal
sound Their best trick is probably the call and response
vocals they like to use, where the "call" is the usual
industrial scream, but the response is some sort of spoken
or sung chorus echoing in the background.  I like the
slow/mid-tempo stuff here the best:


A(1) 018-510, 7:56 - "M.E. 262"  Intro: echoy drones.  Goes
into a rockish (almost psychedilic) industrial dance sound,
with their trademark scream and response.

B(2) 458-772, 6:13 - "Systems Collapse" Leads with quiet,
high tones, kicks at 476 with a blippy industrial beat,
metal percussion is added, then a background triablesque
vocal wail... then goes into scream and response pattern.

A(3) 778-1073, 6:46 - "The Supreme Truth", Intro: kinda
bubbly notes, goes into a slowish, trippy piece with very 
echoy/psychedleic (and incomprehensible) vox.

Faster stuff: 

B(1) 019-453, 6:52 - "Flood the Bed", Fast industrial-tribal
with screamed vox.

A(2) 515-771, 5:16 - "Dither", Fast, harsh, very metal
guitar licks, screamed vox.

B(3) 775-932, 4:52 - "Raus", Fast, harsh.  Weakest track.
Screaming about "Society".  

Contact information:
John Dunlap
36551 Montecito Dr.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 797-9951