Arnold Dreyblatt, Title: Animal Magnetisim, Label: Tzadik

Well, if you were looking for punk/classical, you could try track (1) here. Lots of rapid noodling compositions on this disk, reminiscent of Philip Glass, but much less boring. Most of it has a kind of boogie along vibe to it. Just intonation is used all over the place, and along with the conventional instruments used here (saxes, strings, etc) they've used some hacked things: an electric guitar with modified frets, and "magnetic driver-sustainers for each string", and an old toy chinese piano played with hand-held hammers as a "cimbalom".

1) 5:45 Point Rotation - fast sawing strings set the mood, which doesn't let up throughout.

3) 7:56 Animal Magnetism - Blip, blip, blip.... Fills in with some distant ominous percussion, got a weird electronic sound to it, though it's mostly only a (hacked) guitar.

4) 4:03 Group Velocity - tense, action-packed... sounds a little like the Johnny Quest theme at first, then gets weirder, a little more Philip Glass, like.

7) 2:31 Epilogue - Last track, dominated by slow, sparse, drawn out horn notes. This is the end.

2) 5:35 Next Slide - Manhatten traffic music. Watch out for the cabs. Relaxes in places, though... briefly.

5) 4:48 Side Band - An electronic sounding "melody" very similar to Animal Magnetism, only faster, more filled in.

6) 5:37 Flashbulb History - Begins with a cowbell sound, slowly brings in the other instruments with a subtle ominous drone/growl, then the sax kicks in in the foreground, but only briefly... instruments all blend into the kind of rapid, busy sound which always reminds me of an old soundtrack for a "here we are in the big city" scene.

-- JB (doom)

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