Axiom of Choice    
Title: Beyond Denial    
Label: Time Traveler Music

Excellent music that grows out of the Persian tradition
without being rigidly confined to it, but also without
mindlessly incorporating Western pop influences. For
example: they use a nylon string acoustic guitar they
modified themselves to play the quarter tones needed for
Persian music.

All very melancoly, sometimes sinister, particularly on the
epic track: (2) "Desert Storm" (nearly 13 minutes).

Other standout tracks:
(1) Melancoly acoustic guitar sound, Beautiful male and
female vocals.
(6) Begins with soft female vox (comparable to Sheila
Chandra), and segues to an acoustic guitar instrumental.
(7) Fast tense percusion sets the tone for this piece, which
has a very full, almost orchestral feel to it.  For another
fast track, try (5).

Some good slow simple instrumental tracks: (3), (8)

Also notable:
(9) Male vox reciting something acapella, but with much
echo.  *I* like this anyway.  
(4) Short instrumental piece, which reminds me of the Who's

Track  Times  Titles
-----  -----  -----
1      4:06   Valeh
2     12:53   Desert Storm
3      5:27   Kaef
4      1:00   Pulse
5      4:48   Rhythm Riddle
6      8:42   Whisper
7      5:22   Panj
8      2:28   Kashmir
9      1:33   Moon Light

Contact info: 
Time Traveler Music
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1240 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA  94608  USA
(510) 601-8600
Fax: (510) 601-9800