Before the Rain (soundtrack)  
Label: London
Greek flavored (well, really Macedonian, which I'm told is
actually a slavic language, but what do I know?) soundtrack
music, mostly with a slow, serious mood.  There are vocals
on many tracks (all in Macedonian).  A lot of this sounds like
Dead Can Dance when in their "World music" mode.

My picks here are indicated with a "*". 

  Chant-oriented vox:
* 4  6:59 Red and White - Leads with M/F chorus.  Alternates with
          female vox. 	        				 
*11  2:45 The Circle is Not Round - Nice middle eastern wail piece.
  8  2:04 Funeral Theme - Slow heavy beat, deep male choral vox    
          (ho-heave-ho dwarves in the mountain). 
  9  6:41 Death of Alexander - Leads with Beautiful acapella female vox.   
          A heavy handed dirge.						  

  Like Dead Can Dance:
* 7 11:13 Pass Over - Slow moody, sounds a lot like Dead Can Dance if 
          Brendan Perry spoke Macedonian.			  
 10  5:38 Coming Back Home 2 - A bit windham hill.
  2  8:23 Nine Iron Doors - Begins like bagpipes, goes to male vox. 

  1  3:26 Time Never Dies - A bit like ambient techno. Gabrielle
          Roth with touches of Muslimgauze. 			
  6  1:52 In a London Cab - Sparse string instrumental.		
  More Sound-track like:					
* 3  2:58 Coming Back Home 1 - Starts like sparse soundtrack music,
          transitions to a Macedonian choral vox. 
  5  4:27 At the Restaurant - Very Windam Hill. Leads with strings, 
          goes to simple piano.

Distributed by Polygram

Information about the film can be found at: Before the Rain