Bias  Title: Model Citizen   Label: SST 

Fast throbbing instrumental rock, relatively hard stuff but
not at all punk.  Some touches of prog-wankiness about it,
but not too many.   This stuff is listenable, but not all
that interesting.  Might be good for soundbeds, especially
if you're doing a high-energy show that you don't want to
slow down on the breaks.  

If there's one thing thats remarkable about this record,
it's this:  All the tracks are fairly similar and there's a
definite uniform sound here.  And yet different tracks 
at different times remind me a little of widely different
genres... prog, surf, goth, industrial-dance, techno...

If I were going to recommend one track, it would be the last
one, track 10 (4:07), "Evil Snippet" high energy, gives me
the weird impression of a satire of a nursery rhyme, or
maybe the Munster's theme.

Contact info:
SST Records
P.O. Box 1
Lawndale, CA