The Blue Aeroplanes   Title: Life Model    Label: Beggars Banquet/Atlantic

This has got some overly poppy stuff on the first two tracks, before it
goes off into a slower, darker, sparser direction based on male vocals that
hover between sung, spoken and whispered, with just a touch of a British
accent and you know what?  This is pretty good.

1.  3:16 "Broken & Mended" - Fast poppy, upbeat. Lyrics are a little better
   than they sound at first...
2.  4:13 "(I'm a) Smart Drug" - Best of the fast poppy, upbeat tracks (too
   bad about the touches of cheese guitar): "I don't know what I can do for
   you!/I'm a smart drug baby"
3.  4:13 "Ghost-Nets" - Very slow sparse, spoken word, sort of Gothic.
4.  4:32 "Frightened at Night" - Another slow folkier piece, on a gothic
   theme, if not with a very gothic sound.  Very cool.
5.  5:32 "Daughter Movie" - Nice, dark stuff, starts slow, later guitars
   kick in, hits a "grunge" crescendo.
6.  4:55 "Open" - "Stay open", another track that alternates slow stuff and
   faster harder chorus.
7.  3:46 "Honey I" - Banjo & Clarinet (?) folk.  Lighter sound. Divorcee
   relating to his X. Some female french vox thrown in.
8.  3:26 "Vade Mecum Gunslinger" - Aerosmith guitar.  Pop Will Eat Itself
   rapping.  Upbeat, but okay.
9.  3:52 "Mercury (Hold/Protect/Love)" - Midtempo guitar and strings.
   Sappy lyrics and vox.
10. 6:56 "Fragile" - Slow dragging, shoe-gazer, mostly spoken.  Slows to a
   stop 1:45 into it, then suddenly starts again.  Forget this track for 
   radio play.

Contact info:
Beggars Banquet Records Ltd
274 Madison Avenue, Suite 804
New York, NY 10016