Chaos Face     Doom Ride     Label: Subharmonic

Hardcore techno... produced by Bill Laswell? 
Mostly a bunch of odd sounds/samples hung on 
some fast blippy beats.  Kind of interesting, 
but I don't think they've got the feel of 
techno down.  Not much of a mood here.

Fastest: _4_, 1           _5_ has some fast hard
Mid:     _2_              stuff, but most of it 
Slower:  _3_ (spaciest)   is odd ambient noise, 
                          like distant throbbing 

                     -- JB (doom)

1 11:38 Subhuman
2 9:15  Crash
3 12:23 Scanner
4 4:28  Body Hammer
5 6:28  Flatland

Label: Subharmonic
       180 Varick Street
       New York, NY 10014