_Sign_ by Clock DVA

Just in case you haven't heard, _Clock DVA_ is one of the
greatest Industrial groups around.  They're one of the few
groups around that's managed to do some sort of fusion of
the form and content of industrial music.  It's really
interesting dancey, kind of computery sounding, with
lyrics that reflect a science fictional/technophillic/promethean 

They're latest CD is just as good as their last one was
(though I have to confess I liked the liner notes on
_Man-Amplified_ better than on this disk)... These are my
favorite tracks on it:

"Voice Recognition Test" - Classic DVA.  Minimally distorted
industrial vox over a fast (~134 BPM) kind of blippy beat. 
(*What* is it about exactly? I'll let you know when I figure
it out.) 

"Return to Blue" - Subdued electronic howls, a slow tribal
Gabrielle Roth beat, simple vaugely harpsichord-like key
board melody, with effects zooming in and out, and then the
vocals come in, deep and murky. 

"Eternity" - reminds me a lot of "Technogeist" off of

"Re-entry" - News broadcast samples, sounds like an analysis
of Vostod, an omninous dancey piece, whispery vocals way in
the background something about how "we must escape this
shrinking earth". 

Anyway, this thing is "licensed by CARGO RECORDS", and it
says you can send two IRC coupons to Anterior Research/P.O.
Box 684/Sheffield S6 2EP U.K. to get info on all of their

More ClockDVA info, From: Cenotaph 
on Newsgroups: rec.music.industrial
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 94 22:30:21 -0500

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