Coil   Title: The Angelic Conversation    Label: World Serpent

This disk is best thought of as readings of Shakesperian
sonnets by Dame Judi Dench, accompanied by long interludes
of Coil's work: murky industrial ambient drones, or
quasi-symphonic melodies.  Typical cuts have one or more
sonnets with long interludes, and occasional quiet passages
with watery background sounds.

This is the Soundtrack to a 1985 Derek Jarman film "The
Angelic Conversation".  There are some good tracks here,
though a lot of it seems very sparse, incomplete without the
images, and hard to use on the radio.

Industrial Ambient: _3_, _7_, 2, 4
Quasi-symphonic: _11_, _9_, 10, 1 
Gothic: _5_ 

These cuts lead with sonnets: _4_, 10,       -- JB (doom)

Text of the sonnets used here
Taking it cut by cut:

1 2:18 "Ascension" Flood of orchestral disharmony, then
harmony, a sonnet.  

2 7:30 "Enochian Calling" ringing/rattling sounds, some
murky echoing things... rowing a boat passed fog horns.
Some ominous humming sounds fade in.  Sudden dramatic
metallic clangs..  Whistling sounds...  A sonnet.  Then
everything gets denser, more intense... 

3 4:58 "Angelic Stations" Regular pinging of metal over
murky/humming tones.  Rushing sounds like a fire hose, high
pitched howling... fades away to row boat sounds.

4 2:12 "Finite Bees" Leads with a Sonnet.  A tick-tock
noise.  The bees buzz and hum, some orchestra strings lay
down some notes.

5 7:58 "Cave of Roses" Leads with Gregorian style chants.
Narrator kicks in after a minute.  Some sinister strings.
Then ethereal female vocals.  Fire hose again, tense
strings.  And suddenly it all relaxes.

6 4:06 "Sun Ascension" Occasional piano like notes, etc.
Lots of silences.  2 mins later, wave noises and a sonnet.
Ends with ticktock noises.

7 7:17 "Masriiax" The bees buzz.  Beach noises. A sonnet.
Silence, then tones fade in, a clock strikes. Drum rolls
like thunder.  Splashing noises. Sparse, but very musical.
After 4:30 of this, a sonnet.  Watery rapids.

8 15:06 "Escalation" Begins with stream bubbling storm
sounds.  2:40 of this, then a sonnet.  At 4:20 in, another
sonnet ("unending doom"!)  Then some touches of music,
strings, humming tones, and later some ethereal female
vocals, and thundering drums.  Chittering sounds.  Whale
calls? Etc...  At 13:30, another sonnet.  Horns

9 6:01 "Never" Almost purely conventional symphonic music.
Slightly angular at first, then slightly sad.

10 7:13 "Enochian Calling II" Leads with a sonnet. LONG silent
stretch. Some water noises at 1:40 and counting.  Later
piercing notes come in... more symphonic style music. With
occasional burblings.  At 6:19 a sonnet read over sugulls
and waves at the end.

11 5:40 "Montecute" Symphonic strokes, some babling noises.
A very slow sad sound.  A sonnet at the end.

Text of Sonnets