A decent CD: not a lot of new material, though some of it
seems fairly rare.  Mostly this is a collection of rough
versions of things later released in a more polished form.
A lot of this is just Julian Cope messing around with a
guitar, a casiotone and not much else. 

I'd say three tracks here have a finished, fuller sound than
the rest:  _10_ (faster), _11_ (weird), _17_ (Mid-tempo).

Fast: _7_ (upbeat, later a B-side); _10_ (full sound); 16
Mid-tempo: 4 (solid love song); 15 (odd funk medley. Eh.); _17_
Slow: 2 (organ sound); 3 (weirdly low-fi); 5; 8; _9_ (weird,
     pianoy, cool); 12 (spacey, go well with Gothic); 13; 
     14 (spacey, like psychedelic rock)

3 is very weird, and probably not in a good way.
Julian Cope whispers over some music buried way in the
background.  A later, better version is available, but if
you go for this one, watch out for the extremely quiet

15 a funk medley of a Clinton a Zappa and a couple of Copes.
Probably not as cute as it sounds.  30 seconds of spoken
introduction.                      -- JB (doom)