Dead Can Dance    Toward the Within   Label: 4AD

There are some pretty good things on this CD, and only four
of them have been previously released in some form, which is
not bad for a live record.  However, it does have lots of
stupid, intrusive crowd noise that you've got to watch out
for: 1 begins with it, most tracks end with about 20 secs of
it, and track 15 ends with a full minute of it.  Only two
tracks are completely immune: 8 & 13.

If you're not familar with Dead Can Dance, they have a
number of distinct sounds, though they all tend to be slow
and atmospheric.   Some tracks incorporate a lot of World
influences (Indian or Arabic usually, though there's one
Irish here).  They often use very slow, moody wailing female
vocals (usually not in english) and/or slow, deep male
vocals, usually in english.  

World Music influenced:

1.  6:26 Rakim - Indianesque.  Percussive, adds female wail, then male vox. 
2.  2:56 Persian Love Song - Traditional Persian, female solo wail.
3.  4:20 Desert Song - Arabesque.  Flute plus vocal wailing.
6.  3:12 The Wind that Shakes the Barley - Trad. Irish, mournful female solo.
11. 5:50 Oman - Arebesque touches, Mid-tempo, male wailing.  Spy movie music?

Slow, light guitar strumming with Male vox:

8.  2:56 I Can See Now - No applause at end, runs straight into 9
9.  4:55 American Dreaming 
15. 6:12 Don't Fade Away - a minute of applause at the end.

Basic miscellaneous Dead Can Dance: 

5.  3:34 Piece for Solo Flute - slow, but kind of pretty flute solo
13. 1:48 Tristan - Slow male wail. No applause at end.
14. 4:05 Sanvean - Weird, vibrating female voice, almost operatic. 
12. 4:31 Song of Sybil - Slow, solem, male and female wail/chant
4.  7:11 Yulunga - Female wail with strings and percussion.
10. 5:16 Cantara - Slow/sparse for 2 mins, then drums kick, then female wail
7.  4:38 I am Stretched on Your Grave - male vocal Sinead cover.  So? 

                                         -- JB (doom)