Coll:  The Disease of Lady Madeline         Label: Anubis

There's some really nice local gothic-industrial here though
there's little that's really extreme.  This is one of those
"things 105 would play if they had a clue".  

Best Female vocal tracks (others below):
2.	5:09	Switchblade Symphony	Chain
Mid-tempo goth-industrial. Haven't you heard this yet?  You
12.	4:58	Switchblade Symphony	Ride
Nice, slow, almost whispery vox.  Cool goth-industrial. 
11.	6:14	Malign	Charging the Weapon
Ominous drawn out horror movie strings, "sieg heil" samples,
Slow beat, evil, deep, spoken vox: good, if not quite up to
Galas standards.
4.	6:45	Faith and the Muse	Sparks
Slow to Mid-tempo, goth-rock.  Not distinctive, but very
solid. I like.

Best Male vocal tracks (others below):
7.	4:03	Xorcist	The Iron Helix
Some really nice murky almost watery sounding vocal
distortion.  Fast, evil industrial dance. Great.
6.	4:58	The Bleeding Stone	Smiles from the Asylum
Cool dark intro, sparse echoy sounds, blips of Rod
Serling...then a mid-tempo industrial dance piece, much like
Clock DVA.  Good. 
8.	6:20	Mephisto Waltz	Facade (Closet of Faces)
Slow.  Almost chanted vox, very gothic. Reference to "the
sound of her wings", i.e. the issue of Gaiman's Sandman
about Death herself.  Really nice.  

(Note: The CD comes with flyers for the House of Usher and
the Cyberden, which kind of says it all.  Lyrics for all
songs are included, too.)           -- JB(doom)

Other female vocal tracks:
9.	4:41	Sub-version	The Sound
Fast, rock sounding.  Sounds a lot like Berlin.
10.	3:40	Stone 588	Lightning Rails
Mid-tempo. Wailing female vox, trying to sound like Siouxie.

Other male vocal tracks:
5.	4:44	Fata Morgana	Advocate
Slow, drawn out chant/howl intro... goes into basic 80's
riffs.  Male vox, sounding much like Peter Murphy.
1.	5:10	Malign	Skin & Lye
Mid-tempo gothic industrial, drawn out howling almost
androgynous vox.  Not great, but decent.
13.	6:24	Kill Sister Kill	Gladys 
Fastish, rocking sound, with a nice ominous edge.  Kind of
ordinary male vox, but with a nice quality. Reasonable.
3.	5:30	Kill Sister Kill	Poisonous Fix
Mid-tempo. The vox here is too rockish: doesn't turn me on. 

Contact info:
Anubis Recordings
P.O. Box 470666
San Francisco, CA  94147