Hakim Bey      T.A.Z.        Label: Axiom / Island Records

Fascinating spoken word, with music produced by Bill
Laswell.  The general feel is very similar to the Joe Frank
show.  The music used varies a bit, Indian-like on (1),
spacey ambient on (5), but this doesn't really matter.  What
counts is Hakim Bey's message.

Do you think of yourself as a member of an underground
culture?  Listen to Bey's musings on how to organize such
cultures: (5) "The Tong" 

I doubt that there's anyone here that wouldn't appreciate
cut (6), "Boycott Cop Culture"

Two of the strongest, most poetic, and most worthy of
repeated airplay are the two that lead the disk: 
(1) Chaos and (2) Poetic Terrorism.

INDECENY WARNING: most cuts (e.g. 1, 6) but 2 can be played
any time.

(By the way, T.A.Z. stands for Temporary Automonous Zone, a
place where the rule of the state is at least briefly
suspended... e.g. underground raves, or perhaps your show?)

                                             -- JB (doom)

1 6:04  Chaos
2 4:22  Poetic Terrorism
3 4:57  Amour Fou
4 13:35 Immediatism
5 12:48 The Tong
6 10:38 Boycott Cop Culture

Contact info: 
Distributed Island Records
400 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10003