Jack Brewer and Bazooka 
 in Saved from Death in the Dream World                  Label: New Alliance

Great.  Spoken/sung poetry (by an ex-punk
from LA's Saccharine Trust) jamming with a
Saxaphone based jazz band (Bazooka).  This is
jazz, but jazz in the direction of Gil Scott
Heron.  It's got a very pretentious beatnik
feel to it, but it's not just a nostalgia

All the cuts are pretty good, though I'd
recommend starting with cut 2 or cut 6.
                                --JB (doom)

1.  3:09  Cataclysm Reconcilium
2.  7:36  The Sinister Rain
3.  3:20  No Lunch (For You, Jack)
4.  0:59  Purged Laughter
5.  0:48  Saved From Death in the Dream World
6.  8:26  Spacious Kitchen of Your Passion
7.  1:44  Broken Stone
8.  9:57  Second Skin Shed (Sleep My Love)
9.  1:07  Genesis
10. 7:15  Demise - Transition
11. 1:38  Good Morning, God

Contact info:
New Alliance Records
P.O. Box 1389
Lawndale, CA  90260