Love Spirals Downwards   Album: Ardor   Label: Projekt

Latest from an LA area duo that uses ethereal (but
always comprehensible) female vocals, with a mix of
very strummy acoustic sounding guitar, and heavily
processed quasi-symphonic string-like sounds.  They
often use multiple overlayed tracks of female
vocals, producing harmonies that are pretty but not

I've listened to this straight through three times
now, and I can't tell you if it's Great, but I can
tell you it's really, really, really Nice.

No bad tracks, some favorites indicated below:

Basic Ethereal "Gothic":
3.  4:40 "Write in Water" - strummy/folky 
7.  3:30 "I Could Find It Only By Chance" - A bit spacier.
8.  4:40 "Kykeon" - Pensive. 
9.  4:40 "Depression Glass" - Guitar strumming. Like 2 women alternating lines.
11. 4:25 "Tear Love From My Mind" - With melancoly spanishesque guitar

More rock sounding:
1.  4:20 "Will You Fade" - somewhat Lush like
6.  4:22 "Subsequently" - light folk sound, alternates with more rockish
5.  4:02 "Mirrors in a Still Sky" - no vocals.

Vaugely Medieval
2.  5:32 "Sidhe" - Overlayed female chants. Beautiful.
4.  4:05 "Avincenna" - like medieval folk.

More Ambient:
10. 5:46 "Sunset Bell" - Very spacey, loopy piece, some vox, no lyrics

Contact info: 

Box 1591
Garden Grove, CA  92642

Love Spirals Downwards
2357 Bolar
Industry, CA 91745