The Machine in The Garden  Title: Veils and Shadows EP 
                           Label: Industrial Isolation Music

Gothic with male vocals.  Nothing new really, but decent
product nonetheless.  They get points from me for adapting
some Aeschylus for track 4, though the lyrics on track 2 
seem too 80s ("all I need/is a touch of heaven"?).  

1. 3:38  CryGods                  Mid-tempo.
2. 5:45  A Touch of Heaven        Faster.  Lyrics are too 80s.
3. 6:40  Dark Splintered Heart    Slower.  Whispery vox.
4. 3:25  Heavenly Air             Slower.  Lyrics by Aeschylus.

Contact info:
Industrial Isolation Music
1320 South Third St.
Lousiville, KY  40208