MANDIBLE CHATTER -- Hair Hair Lock & Lore.

The second CD from this San Francisco Bay area group is
another excellent industrial ambient CD, which reminds me a
bit of Zoviet France.  Lots of loops, drones and found
sounds arranged into some really moody, ominous pieces.  The
one exception is 7, an upbeat acoustic guitar instrumental
(!).  Note: this is a very DJ friendly disk, every cut has a
definite beginning and end (but watch out for the ten second
gap near end of 8).

Taking the tracks in order: 
(1) Endless hard rain.  Distant screams.  A loop of horns (?)
fades in. 
(2) Rapid throbbing, that breaks up near end.  And the
break-up loops.
(3) Flute-like sounds.  Gothic chants.  Sustained moodiness.
(4) Abrupt banging echoy noises.  Wind through a harp (?).
Occasional drops of water.
(5) Kicks off with heavy drone that abruptly alternates with a
more symphonic sound.  Then: whispery incoherent voices. 
(6) Watery loop.  Ominous drone.  Ethereal voices.
(7) Proof that the noise artists can paint a traditional
guitar melody. 
(8) The masterpiece.  A long evolution of loops and drones
with occasional piercing notes.  The first part has a beat
of sorts... which fades into an indescribable series of
sounds, leading up to a burst of abrupt noise (the death of
sweetness?), and culminating in a solo human vocal loop:
"Goodnight, Sweet Dreams".  At 1:16 from the end, there's a
ten second gap, then another loopy minute.