Mindslam  Album: Mayday  Label: missing music

First CD from the punkish, poppish Stanford trio.
Some decent songs here, fairly tight playing and
decent vox.

The best cut is (12) "Knock", which seems to be
the most ambitious, a call to action: "You have a
mind, why don't you use it?/You have a fist why
don't you knock?"

I also like (14) "Distortion", which starts with
a very cool sound: lighter vocals and solo bass
singing "Distortion, it's what I need..." and
it's what you get by the middle of the cut.

Other good stuff: 
(4) "Wasting Away" - basic, but solid.  Faster.
(8) "Matter" - an odd spacey anthemic/ballad feel.
(7) "Waiting" - Ska touches on the refrain.
(9) "Still a kid" - a nice slacker/loser cut.
(1) "Jennifer" - kind of poppy (I understand this
    has gotten played on 105 once)
(6) "Much More" - the poppiest.  A love gone
    wrong song.

Contact info:
236 Stanford s/c suite 323
Palo Alto, Ca  94304-1412