MYNOX LAYH  Album: +Terminus Claritatis+   Label: Hyperium

A really good CD, with no bad tracks... almost uniformly
heavy, ponderous industrial music, with a sound like a
symphonic horror movie sound track, but enhanced with unique
sounds from god-knows-where.  Industrial/goth cliches like
fuzzed up vocals, ethereal chorus and drum machine beats are
*occasionally* present, but used in new ways to good

The only light sounding track here is cut 12.

My favorites are probably 9 and 10, for their sheer
quantities of *stuff*.

1 5:18 "The Square & Epilog" - begins with some sparse
pianoy stuff that made me think "Oh no, has Mynox Layh gone
normal?"  This lasts for maybe 15 seconds.  Then it kicks
into some really solid industrial, with a repetetive
juggernaut of a rhythm to it, but no drum-machine
stereotyped beat.  Touches of a symphonic sound.  Some
nearly incomprehensible industrial style vox.

2 3:46 "Unschuld 1" - Yeah, more ponderous, heavy stuff,
with some touches of almost choral background vox, a single
prominent whoop/scream sample repeats throughout.

3  4:15 "Caldera" - stringy start.  Loud horns kick.  All
very horror movie.  alternates this with a calmer
style. Very warped, slithery under-water sounding vocal
distortion.  Really soundtrack like in the way it varies in
mood, and in the style of music it hits.

4  3:21 "The Fairless Vampirekillers" -- Rapid progression of
elements: violent soundtrack licks, industrial fuzzed
growls, ethereal chorus, vibes-melody... Leads up to a
looped echoing fade.

5  4:32 "Rashnijavar" -- Horns... slow heavy rhythmic sound.
An actual beat on this one.  Some clarinet-like synth licks.
Vaugely like snake charming music.

6  4:25 "Exaudi Nos" -- Ominous, chimey, choral religous
start.  Really deep, ponderous melody gradually starts up.
An (artifically) deep voice comes in in german.  Punctuated
by sudden shriek samples (which sound very Peter Gabriel).
Pounding, tinkling like broken glass.

7  3:43 "Unschuld III" -- Fast, angular, occasionally
relaxes, but kicks back in again.

8  2:52 "Unschuld II" -- A very regular metal percussion
sound, like Sharkbait with very little vox.  Leads up to a
heavy rocket engine blast of distorted vox.

9 3:18 "Venus Fly Trap" -- Begins angular jazzy sounding, 
then some ponderous symphonic touches, quasi-hiphop
*scratching noises*, some ethereal female vocal samples
lifted from an old Star Trek episode... an amazing mix.

10 2:14 "Battledog" -- Another one!  Faster, heavier, alot
of samples similar to cut 9 but buried deeper, more subtle,
mixed weirder...

11 3:08 "Illusion" -- Religious/choral beginning, goes into
German male spoken vocals, reminiscent of F.M. Einheit.
Ominous symphonic licks, very spooky/godzilla.

12 3:35 "Water Violet" -- What the hell?  Kicks off with a
european pop radio jingle sample?  Goes into mellow piano
with a kind of light rain sound.  The synth melody is all
unusually light/atmospheric/straight-forward for them.
Something like the Baraka soundtrack.

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