The Nields    Title: Bob on the Ceiling     Label: Peter Quince Prod.

Folk side of folk rock, with mostly female vocals and female backing, all
with a twang that's more celtic than country.  All mostly mid-tempo, serious
sounding, with pretty decent lyrics.  Nothing fancy here, but it's a pretty
solid job. 

My picks: 
2.  3:51 "If This Were a Movie" -- Simple self-deprecating lyrics.
4.  2:37 "Ash Wednesday" - Cool vox style: fast babble, almost rapping.
6.  4:06 "Merry Christmas. Mr. Jones" - Ambiguous thing about teen pregnancy.
7.  3:43 "Memory Leaves Town" - Chasing after Memory personified.
10. 3:33 "Just Like Christopher Columbus" - " don't know what you found."

Other OK tracks:
5.  3:55 "Black Boys on Mopeds" - Sinead O'Conner cover.  Slower.
8.  3:56 "Boys Will Be Boys" - Male vox.  Quirky/sarcastic.
9.  3:28 "Where Did It Go?" - Very slow, maudlin.  

Weaker efforts:
1. 3:42 "Be Nice to Me" - Eh lyrics, and sound is too bouncy/upbeat.
3. 3:50 "James" - Fast, intricate lead, but somulent, uninteresting song.

Contact info:
Peter Quince Productions
P.O. Box 26
Hatfield, MA 01038