Oneiroid Psychosis, Title: Stillbirth, Label: Decibel

I think I like this. It's industrial-gothic that's pretty heavily goth, often with spooky organ riffs cheesier than Anton Lavey, and usually with lyrics that rhyme every line like a bad heavy metal lyric... but I like it. Most of the (male) vox is processed a little, but it isn't the usual industrial fuzzed up to incoherence kind of thing.

My picks: 8, 3, 6

1) 5:43 Succubi - Slow to midtempo, sinister, spooky music that just walks the line of cheesiness without quite crossing over. I'm afraid the lyrics do, however: "Hypnotized by dreams of sin/Tongues like fingers caress my skin."

2) 4:24 Purience - Fast machine noises, fast heavy industrial dance beat. Slightly fuzzed up, whispered vox "Animal magnet/binding perversion/physical immersion." Not bad at all.

3) 4:30 Fleshmachine - Slow deep ominous tones, machine beats over it, spooky orchestral tones, then a fast dance beat kicks in. Tempo goes up and down throughout. Almost tribal sounding background choral, with upfront spoken chanted vox: "Lifemachine Fleshmachine". This is cool.

4) 4:01 Bloodlust - Fast beat, machines in the distance, slow deep tones in the background. Vox comes in: a slow spoken recitation. O.K.

5) 5:26 Menarche - Slow ponderous bass rhthym with a kind of cheesy synth melody over it (representing madness?), then it kicks with a harder (but slow) industrial dance sound, and the more or less up front vox comes in somehow it all comes together. Not bad.

6) 7:57 Hypnagogic Existence - The first two minutes here isn't awful but isn't all that interesting: Begins with a deep slow sound like breathing, high synth stuff comes in over it, plunking away trying to sound spooky, and coming out very 80s, vocal groans and moans in background is nice. Two minutes into it it transitions to a fastish industrial dance beat with a keyboard melody like monotonously running up and down scales, whispered vox in the background, and *this* part is cool.

7) 6:08 Psychopathia Sexualis - Delerious sounding (cheesy?) keyboard riff and ominous drone. Okay. Gets heavier.

8) 3:52 Mind's I - Fast stacatto flipped notes drum machine beats with clipped vox. Cool.

9) 4:22 Motionless - Slow organ dominated piece with some nice gurgly noises, and slight whispered vox.

10) 6:20 Broken Eyes - Slow instrumental piece, like a continuation of 9.

From the liner notes:

In the oneiroid state one feels and behaves as though one were in a dream. One may be deeply perplexed and not fully oriented in time an place. During this state of clouded consciousness, one may experience feelings of ecstasy and rapidly shifting hallucinated scenes. The quote contained in this booklet is from a person experiencing such a state.

There are no days; no nights; sometimes it is darker than other times - that's all. It is never quite black, just dark grey. There is no such thing as time - there is only eternity. There is no such thing as death - nor heaven and hell - there is only a timeless-hateful-spaceless-worsening of things. You can never go forward; you must always regress into this horrific mess...

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