Popealopes  Title: Slowest Eye  Label:K. Music/Lather

Simple, clean-sounding shoegazer guitar band
with male vox.  Kind of in the direction of
Chris Isaak.

The sound is really easy to listen to, and
maybe there's nothing really exciting about
it, but I find it grows on me after a couple
of listens.

My picks:
2. Some filtered vox, effects, slightly
   darker sound than the rest.
3. A more filled out guitar grunge/jangle
   sound.  Not bad.
4. Some of the most Isaaky guitar.  Nice
   deppressed sound.
6. Bit faster and harder than the rest. 
   "I know nothing matters..."
8. "Doesn't seem that late at all..."; 
   "Dream of a time, that maybe was never..."