Psychedelic Steppenwolves  Title:Psychedelic Steppenwolves  
                           Label:Hands On Records

Neo-beatnik poetry that reeks of nostalgia far too often,
but I kind of like it anyway.  Dave Rubin is a guy with a
deep kind of New York voice, who does a slightly gravelly
drawl, usually with music in the background, and usually the
kind of jazz you'd expect, but a few tracks are more
sonically adventurous, like the industrial/noise additions
on cut (2) and maybe on (1).

There's one real stand-out track as poetry: (16) "In the Bookstore".
About the weird juxtapositions in the chaos of a used bookstore.

For you blues people, there's a couple of tracks about the Blues: 
(6), (17) (with bluesy backing music).

And I like the instrumental track (19): Industrial chugging,
some percussion, and what sounds like tapping on glass

Track (4) gets some points from me for having a Phil Ochs
reference ("a suicide in a gold lame' suit").

Track (20) is a good finish. "Goodbye goddess of high rouge
cheekbones and luminous amber eyes."

1  2:14 Zeitgeist
2  3:02 Lost Angels of New Jerusalem
3  1:16 An Affair
4  3:32 Psychedelic Steppenwolves
5  0:53 Telegraph Avenue
6  3:09 The Blues Singer
7  2:45 Outer Borough Literay Blues
8  1:33 Cryptic Triptych Part I
9  1:15 Night Music
10 2:11 Innovator's Stomp
11 0:54 The Greatest Novel Ever Written
12 1:04 Cafe Mediterranean
13 1:41 Dis Joint
14 1:29 The Stairway
15 4:12 Stage Fright
16 2:31 In The Bookstore
17 2:26 The Blues Kid
18 1:48 Doorways
19 1:24 Cryptic Triptych Part II
20 1:57 Goodbye

Contact Info:
Hands On Records
470 Kipp St. 
Teaneck, NJ 07666