Robyn Hitchcock  You & Oblivion  Label: Rhino Records

A nice little CD, (and all previously unreleased, despite
the Rhino label, even if all tracks are from old sessions)
Hitchcock singing with minimal backing (often just an
acoustic guitar).  Most songs are pretty slow and simple,
and the best have lyrics that are mildly quirky, hovering
around the edge of meaning something which just might be
really heavy...  Here are some of my picks:

 1 4:09 You've Got - "You've got the power of
  motion/you've got a world you can choose/
  you've got so much that there's only a self you
  can loose"

10 2:35 Surgery - "You'll never have the damn
  thing out/or meet the pope/and like him better
  than you expect..."

13 3:05 Aether - "I'm going back into my body,
  while it's in my control/back into this person,
  playing a role/that I call me"

15 2:57 Nothing - "Some people say that it's got
  to be sad/ and some people say no it must be
  mad/but I know either it's bad or it ain't
  nothing..." A bit Bowie like.

21 3:36 You & Me - "You and me/we've got the
  strangest love in the world/you and me/it's
  just the strangest love in the world/ when
  you're all by yourself/in a luminous fog/and
  you're walking the dog/but the dog isn't
  there/and you're all by yourself/ and you
  answer the phone/yes you're all on your own/but
  the phone didn't ring."

 5 2:27 Victoria Squid - "Victorian squid/is a
  delight/for all the family...";"there's old HG
  Welles/lying bed with his new housekeeper/with
  hot squid by their side/glowing with
  pride/flushed with exhaustion"

 4 2:42 She Reached for a Light - Most
  interesting sound here, some simple electronic

16 2:08 Into It - A collection of Beatles tropes? OK.

12 3:21 Polly On The Shore - Traditional folk music.

Contact Information:
Rhino Records Inc.
10635 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CAA  90025