Sue P. Fox
Light Matches Spark Lives

Female spoken word plus music, doing postmodern, disjointed, ironic, 
staccatto readings.  Much like Lori Anderson (and not much like 
Sandra Bernhardt), except that the backing music is a little
more slick, and sometimes a little better.

Subjects include madness, alienation, yada, yada.  Yawn.
Oh, and angst.  I almost forgot.  It's possible that this
stuff might mean something to someone, but not to me. 

Best: 13 (a need to be stalked to confirm selfworth), 14
(more musical), 12 (a work junky, employers love her, she
doesn't date), 1 (short simple "come see the burnt girl!"),
maybe 15 (but I think this one is old, both previously
released and dated).

FCC warnings: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10

1. 1:13 - "Burnt Girl" 

"come and see the burnt girl, broiled basted and fried, over
easy here she is"

High simple guitar melody, slow driving drums.  

Not bad.  FCC clean.

2.  2:38 "Boredom" - 
About boredom, and so on. 
Stop start reading, over simple start stop drums. 
FCC warning.

3. 8:14  "Honorary Citizen" - 

Start stop reading again, simple driving drums. Some odd
sliding electronics and sliding guitar. 

"Fuck" warning, definitely obscene "training a dog to suck

4. 1:12 "Moses" - 

"So happy the space alien had talked to him. "
"walking with his armadillo boots into the bar."
Simple reading, guitar gradually fills in with some 
female vox in the background.

5 18:46 "Doing a lot of stuff on a handshake and a prayer"
has phrase "sense of doom" near the beginning. 
"fuck" slipped in the middle.  Pretty boring.  

6. 4:45 "dear beauty editor - reading inane beauty tips column
Odd atonal flute and percussion in the b.g.
"fuck" in the middle. 

7. 1:21 "Auctioneer" - autioneer ranting, veers away into
a story about knights in shining albeit recycled armor, etc.

frantic guitar picking, steady, fast drums

8. 4:28 "imaginary friend" - woman babbling about babbling
too much (while riding in cars), with her perhaps false
"Shit" warning.
steady, ominous music.

9. 3:09 "Gay White Male" sing/talking over subdubed music
(something like an old genesis song gradually getting louder)
"I am a gary white male instituting my private hell". 
"I hate myself so much I'm in love." 
no fucks!

10.  "2:30"    "Chicken" - chanting, to a rhythm vaugely like a kid's
skipping rhyme.
nice line: "killing your clone is still murder"
"Fuck" warning.
"She tastes just like chicken."

11. 4:53  "Down in Front Shrimp"  - 
"maybe my calves will rebel some day"
slightly demented chime loop
bluesy piano comes in.  Then chords like a funeral march.
"I never knew what expression it was I wore on my face that
made you say 'wipe that expression off your face'."

12. 2:27 "junky" -  ranting about how much her employeers love 
the fact that she's always available because she does not
date, and what a great success she is because of this.

Furious drumming, some electronic effects like a ray gun

Transistions to a silly high-pitched quasi-valley girl 
rap over a chugging guitar/drum line.  

This one is actually okay. 

13. 3:23  "S.T.A.L.K."  - refrain "I have a good date".  
absurd babbling about how she's been stalked, each organ
removed, they're going to switch to the metric system, etc.

Noodling bass line. Female chorus comes in the background, a
decesending melody.  Bass starts playing "Bingo is my nameo"
(which is kind of neat). Then a male voice comes in singing
this (which is heavy handed).

"So I stalk myself"
"I must have someone who is obsessed with me or I cannot

This one is okay too. Goes on a little long, overplays it,
but it's okay.

14. 2:08  "E-I-O-UM"   Wailing singing/spoken overdubs.  Kind of cool.
"I oh um"
"I smell the blood of a woman"
"She gets up looks at her body, spirit of the mind."

15. 6:25  "Town Idiot"

Furious guitar/drums noodling (reminiscent of Velvet
Underground's "The Gift"), goes pretty well with the
anguished quirky ranting.

"the idiot who goes along with all the punk rock paradoxes"

There's this constant, annoying high pitched refrain,
"idiot" pronounced "*id*ee-ot".  Thankfully she eases off on
this a bit before it gets too obnoxious.

"To be a freak boy you must be white.  Then quirky"

Theme: punk rock fanatics compared to village idiots. 

"Asshole" warning. 

"I am god, I will decide what you will think"

"My breasts have been sagging, did you know that internal
organs sag also? My heart has been sagging."

This is okay, but I think I've (a) heard this piece a lot
already, must've been release on some compilation and 
(b) making fun of the MRR punker-that-thou crowd is like
shooting fish in a barrel, and an endangered species of
fish at that. 

"I am god! I am the town idiot!"

16. 5:47  "Don't Wanna"

Drumming, something like the Stanford Marching Band.  Female
vox: singing more than talking this time. Some male accompaniment.
"I don't wanna die" So? 

17. 3:20  "The Future" - 

"There are these steps that I do every day."
"These steps make up my dance with the devil."

Lightweight oompah melody: Dum dee dee dump dump. 
Very repetitious, gradually fills in with electronic 
slide whistle/theremin like melody.

"Only the children can look to the future, 
only the future can look to the future"
Read about a child committing a horrific crime 
and then tried as an adult, and does that mean that that
child is no longer the future, oh who can she ask? 

Right question: who cares? 

Kill Rock Stars
120 NE State Ave
PMB #418
Olympia, WA  98501