Terminal Sect Album: Thehumansconditioned Label:NoneoftheAbove

Pretty decent old school industrial dance music (most tracks begin with some odd ambient noises, a spoken word sample or two, and then go into slow to mid-tempo drum machine based ominous sounding synth fest with fuzzed up distorted vocals). The lyrics are rhyme heavy, but not obnoxiously so, the synths reach the cheese level on occasion, but they don't stay there long. The vocal tone is interesting, fuzzed up a bit but usually quite comprehensible (most are in the booklet). A lot of the lyrics incorporate a crucifixtion motif, specifically the nail through hand image.

My main picks are: 3, 8, 11. Second picks would be: 2, 9, 10.

1 0:20 the human condition - nice omnious drone blip. SAMPLE: "What?"

2 4:23 PRAYER - Mid-tempo, horror movie symphony sound. "faith is a disease"; "my blood now stains the sand/fuck the holes in your hands."

3 7:55 GUN WORSHIP - slow, anti-NRA, "clutch the power in your fingers/your god is in your hands". An obvious target for the Industrially Correct, but name another group that hits it.

4 10:29 SPIRIT IN A WIRE CAGE - leads with rapid high pitched riviting noise, sci-fi attack sounds. SAMPLE: "A metallic wound uniting man to the universe." Decent track, though overly long: "man is the foreign tissue/cancer of the land/the nail in his own hand".

5 4:43 FRACTURE - SAMPLE: "thin line between adrenilin & recklessness. A little synth cheese in here. "one act one instant, forever changed"

6 7:37 SCAR TISSUE - SAMPLE: "skins not thik enough, we weren';t meant to stand up here." Starts with very few vocals, a whispery heavy ominous sound. A bit of synth cheese later.

7 6:02 SHOCK THERAPY - Faster, SAMPLE: "A warning the pictures are very graphic..." Lyric: "paralyzed, emotions denied."

8 2:16 PRSIONER OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Drone piece. SAMPLE: I'm not sure I can be straigtened out. I'm scared all the time now." Cool echoy incomprehensible vox on this one. Neat.

9 5:20 HANGING TREE - Varies slow to mid-tempo. Some gregorianesque chanting in the middle. "a seed once fell on a bed of thorns"; "each and every one of us/you are the hanging tree."

10 9:15 DISECTING MIRROR - Basic, stripped down industrial dance. "digging for the nail, center of my emptiness"

11 2:16 MAZE OF PENETRATION - beatless, droney, echoy piece. Quiet with some sudden noises & effects. Ends: Bbeeeeeeeeep... Cool.

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